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Yoga is an ancient Indian science that involves various mental, physical, and spiritual practices and disciplines. It has gained prominence in the medical field because of its numerous psychological and physical benefits. It includes many asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

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I weigh about 75 kg with a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Will yoga help in weight reduction?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 20 years old. My height is 5 feet and weighs about 165.3 pound. What is the yoga I could do to reduce weight? How many days a week and for how many hours shall I practice yoga?   Read Full »

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your height and weight, your BMI (body mass index) comes out to 30.24 which is considered to be a clear case of obesity according to the latest guidelines. If you are willing to lose weight, then you just need to understand that weight gain or weight los...  Read Full »

I am in my late twenties with a problem of premature ejaculation. How can I recover from it naturally?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a problem with premature ejaculation. Can it be recovered naturally and effectively? I am in my late twenties. I need some good advice.  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. Yes, it can be recovered naturally through Ayurveda and yoga. Premature ejaculation is a psychological issue and is characterized by recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual arousal. There are some other conditions also rather than psycholo...  Read Full »

My mood changes from time to time. Is this schizophrenia?

Query: Hi doctor,I am getting tingling sensation in my head and my perception changes. Sometimes I feel fine but sometime depressed and anxious. This process goes on in a cycle and I feel very difficult to continue my life like this. I do not have any motivation and there is no sense of pleasure. I am alwa...  Read Full »

Dr. Revathi. T. S.

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You need not worry by diagnosing yourself. Kindly answer the questions given below. What is your age and profession? How about your family? What is your hobby? Are you on any medication now? How is your sleep and day-to-day activities? Do you get any illusion? ...  Read Full »

I am having breathing problems, especially during winters. Will yoga help?

Query: Hi doctor, I have breathing problems, particularly during the winter. Currently, I am using an inhaler, but I would like to try yoga as I read that yoga relieves breathing difficulties. I would like to know if it is true. If so, can you please suggest the best yoga exercise for breathing problems? T...  Read Full »

Dr. Rajesh Gulati

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Yoga is good for improving breathing, and I would also recommend doing it. However, please consult a yoga specialist and practice the exercises under their guidance. Also, please do not stop using inhalers suddenly, as yo...  Read Full »

Can my girlfriend do yoga during her periods?

Query: Hello, My girlfriend keeps complaining about scanty periods and clots during her menstrual cycle. So she is planning to join a yoga class next week as her doctor advised. Is it okay to perform yoga during her menstrual period? What precautions have to be taken during the menstrual period?  Read Full »

Dr. J N Naidu

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. The only precaution to be taken is not to exert too much pressure. In my suggestion, she must start with simple, easily practicable yoga asanas (exercises) and continue. Do not try difficult asanas or complicated asanas. Thank you.  Read Full »

Please quote some benefits of doing regular yoga.

Query: Hello doctor, What are the benefits of doing regular yoga? Ideally would like the quotes to focus on mental health and physical health.   Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yoga is very popular nowadays to maintain physical and mental health. Yoga means addiction. It is an addiction to different body organs in such a way it helps to remove the attention of the mind from their subjects and concentrate on the particular points.Yoga is not ...  Read Full »

Is it possible to increase height after 28 years of age?

Query: Hi doctor, Is it possible to increase height after 28 years? My weight is 68 Kg.  Read Full »

Dr. Revathi. T. S.

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As your age is 28 years you cannot increase your height by yoga or any other exercises. In men skeletal maturity (growth plate maturity) is attained at the age of 18 to 22 years after which bones cannot grow further. Hence, there is a cessation of vertical growth in ...  Read Full »

How does yoga help senior citizens?

Query: Hi doctor, What are the health benefits and trends for yoga for senior citizens? Are there studios that have classes or professionals that cater to this demographic? Why choose yoga over other forms of fitness and stretching?   Read Full »

Dr. Vinod Kumar Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yoga is of two types. One is for physical exercises called asanas and the second one is meditational yoga. Both have tremendous benefits for life and health. Physical yoga regulates body glands, and hormones and cures many diseases of the body. For different persons a...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest some ayurvedic medicine to treat follicular cyst and PID.

Query: Hi doctor, I had endometriosis before four years. I got it removed, and then I got married. I have a child now. I am having pain in the left iliac fossa. It is diagnosed as follicular cyst and PID. What can I do now?  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have pain in the left iliac fossa, and it is diagnosed as PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and follicular cyst. But several other issues can also cause this condition. It can be due to colitis or constipation. You should take your kind attention to this problem. Yo...  Read Full »

Is it healthy to take ayurvedic medicine Anuloma for constipation?

Query: Hello doctor,I am constipated regularly and have stomach pain occasionally. Sometimes, I take Anuloma half a tablet once a week or one day, and then I feel fine for a few days. I have a good bowel movement when I drink lots of water, but sometimes I am constipated as well. Is it healthy to take Anul...  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to There are several causes of constipation and irregular bowel movements like lack of exercises and physical work, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, taking more oily, fried junk foods, consuming alcohol and smoking habits, etc. Sometimes, it is due to neurological issues. Dri...  Read Full »

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