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Panchkarma is a group of 5 ayurvedic treatment done to maintain mental and physical health and balance. The five panchakarma therapies are Vamana (enabling vomiting to clear toxins from tissues), Virechana (inducing bowel cleansing), Basti (Ayurvedic decoctions are placed in the rectum to cleanse it), Nasya (massage and fomentation of head and neck region), and Raktamokshana (cleansing the blood).

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Can I take Ashwagandha, Gokshura, and Shilajit together to make my sexual life better?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 30-year-old male having a healthy body. I took steroids three years back during my gyming, but I left the gym due to backache. The main problem is that for one and a half years, my body, stamina, and energy have been losing day by day. I am stressed. My sex life is also not so g...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. I advise you to first undergo panchakarma therapy. After that, start oral medication. Panchkarma therapy is an ayurvedic procedure that helps remove impurities from your body and helps you control your weight. After...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest medications to shrink my four big fibroids.

Query: Hello doctor,I have four big fibroids. Two intramural 4.7" and 3.9" each and other two 1.6" and 3.9" each which are subserous. I do not have any symptoms except for frequent urination. My periods are also regular. Is there any medication to shrink the fibroids?  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello,Welcome to to your condition, along with Ayurvedic medicines you also require panchakarma procedures like Vamana or Virechana. Vaman is emesis therapy and Virechana is purgation therapy. They are done under the supervision of a physician. They will help you in removing ex...  Read Full »

Can ayurvedic products pass through blood to kill my intestinal worms?

Query: Hi doctor,What are the most effective Ayurveda products that can help fight worm infestations beyond the gut? (medicines commonly state 'intestinal parasites' but are there any Ayurveda medicines that also enter the blood to help kill worms around the body, systemically). My second related question ...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. The four main categories of parasites that covers the intestinal worms are mentioned in ayurvedic textbooks as follows: 1) Malaja krimi - These are born of external excreta and born due to lack of cleanliness. Found mainly on hairs and skin. ...  Read Full »

Shall I get ayurvedic massage to remove toxins from the body?

Query: Hi doctor, Does Ayurvedic massage help to remove toxins from the tissues? Do they help to remove toxins from the body through the skin? Which organs are used to eliminate the toxins from the body?  Read Full »

Dr. Rathi Swati Rameshchandra

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Ayurvedic massage loosens the toxins from the body, and by a steam bath, it will get eliminated from the body in the form of sweat. The therapy used to remove toxins from the body is called panchakarma which includes five procedures. First one is called Vamana karma whi...  Read Full »

I have had psoriasis for eight years. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have joint eczema for the past seven to eight years in both knee, the lower portion of leg and back of hand joints. My doctor says that it is psoriasis. Please clarify.  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query. Psoriasis is a non-infectious and inflammatory disease of the skin. Sometimes, the reason is unknown. As you have had psoriasis for the past 7 to 8 years, it has come to a chronic state. So, I recommend you to go for panchakarma therapy. Pan...  Read Full »

My 2 year old son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Will he walk?

Query: Hello doctor,My youngest son is 2 and a half years old. Currently, he is crawling, and he is delayed in walking. I bought him for the child development clinic at the hospital. They have sent his blood sample to another country, and the result says that he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Kindly advi...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is a genetic disorder. I am sorry to say this, as this disease has a poor prognosis. You need to visit a medical genetic specialist. Physical therapy, braces, etc. are common management. Along with that if you want to go for alternative treatment, then try Ayurved...  Read Full »

What is the treatment for weight loss in panchakarma?

Query: Hello doctor, What is the treatment for weight loss in panchakarma?  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The panchakarma procedure to lose weight is Vaman therapy and Virechan therapy. Panchkarma is a detoxification therapy that will help to detoxify your body. Your BMI is in the obese category so you should definitely go for panchakarma therapy. But you can not p...  Read Full »

Is hydrosalpinx treatable by natural methods? If possible, what should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, Is hydrosalpinx treatable by natural methods? If possible, what should I do?  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I think you are talking about hydrosalpinx. It is a temporary or permanent blockage of single or both fallopian tube. It is one of the major cause of infertility. It can be managed naturally through ayurvedic medicines and some specific Panchakarma procedure, Uttar Ba...  Read Full »

For how long must I take Ayurveda therapy for rheumatoid arthritis?

Query: Hello doctor, I have rheumatoid arthritis and take Trikata, Sinhanad guggul, and Shalaki. I also use psyllium and ginger tea. I take a massage with sesame oil and Maharana yana oil. For how long must I take this therapy to feel better? Is this therapy alright? How is your experience with rheumatoid ...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query. The medications you are taking are all good, but rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. So, you have to take medicine for the long term. The effect of rheumatoid arthritis varies from patient to patient. In some people, after taking prop...  Read Full »

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