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Kalarchi Choornam

It is an ayurvedic medicine used to treat gynecology-related diseases. Its scientific name is Caesalpinia bonducella. It is available in the form of a nut or powder.

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Why are there abdominal cramps and thigh pain after taking Kalarchikai for PCOD?

Query: Hi doctor, I am taking Kalarchikai with pepper and honey after a meal for the past five days for PCOS problem. But I started to have an abdominal cramp and thigh pain (similar to the cramp that occurs during menstrual cramp). What can I do now?  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Kalarchikai (Caesalpinia Bonducella) is a well-known medicine to manage PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases). It does not show any side effects when taken under a prescription of ayurvedic or Siddha physicians. You should take 0.11 oz twice a day after meals. The pain you h...  Read Full »

Can Kalarchi choornam affect follicle growth?

Query: Dear doctor,I would like to know if I can take Karachi churna. I have PCOS with irregular periods and ovulation issues. I was on Clomid stimulation which was giving prompt follicle growth and ovulation but could not conceive. Now I am given FSH injectables for stimulation. Can I have Karachi churna ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is not a single disease, it is a group of diseases. It occurs due to hormonal imbalance, development of immature ovum due to hormonal imbalance, and conversion into a fluid-filled cyst. It leads to irregular menstruation and raised level...  Read Full »

I am taking Kalarchikai for irregular periods. Will it work?

Query: Hi doctor,I am 31 years old, and my partner and I are planning to conceive. Due to irregular periods, I underwent a follicular study for six months. After that, I did not pursue any treatment for three months, during which I also did not experience menstruation for the past four months. Upon consult...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hi,Welcome to am glad you chose icliniq for your medical-related queries.I understand your concern and will try to help you with it.Based on the information you provided, irregular periods could be indicative of underlying conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or hormonal im...  Read Full »

Can Kalarchikai alone cure an ovarian cyst measuring 1.6 inches?

Query: Hi doctor, I am diagnosed with an ovarian cyst of 1.6" and advised for a laparoscopy. I do not want to go for that. Is Kalachikai enough for curing this? Is there anything else in Ayurveda that can cure this? Please reply.  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The ovarian cyst can manage naturally through ayurvedic medicines and yoga practices. Here is a big sized cyst. It can take some time to resolve. Only Kalachikai is not much enough. It needs other supportive medicines.  Read Full »

How to shrink my ovarian cyst naturally?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a 2.4 inches cyst in my left ovary. From the last one week, I am taking Kalachi Kai (fever nut) as I read that it helps shrink the cyst. An 71. inches cyst was removed through a laparoscopic treatment two years ago. Please tell me how to get rid of the cyst as well as prevent ne...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query. For an ovarian cyst along with Kalachi Kai, start taking the following medicines: Tablet Kanchnar Guggul (Kanchanar, Haritaki, Bibhitaka), two tablets twice a day with lukewarm water after food for four weeks. Do not swallow this tablet. First, ch...  Read Full »

Can Kalarchi choornam help to treat fallopian tube blocks?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having Kalarchi choornam for cysts in my ovary. Is it effective for a fimbrial block in fallopian tube as well? Is it possible for me to get pregnant going on this choornam?  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Kalarchi choornam is a Siddha medicine used to treat ovarian cysts. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her, and with their consent take the medicines. Fimbrial blockage of fallopian tube mostly occurs due to ovarian cysts because of multiple large-si...  Read Full »

I am obese and have PCOD. How to use Kalarchi kai powder?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 29 years old and a mother of 2.5 year old girl. I have PCOD and I am obese. I am continually taking oral contraceptives to get my periods. I have Kalarchi Kai powder but I do not know how to use it?  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Kalarchi Kai powder is a well known Siddha medicine to manage PCOD (polycystic ovary syndrome). It is very effective in such kind of issues but It will take some time.  Read Full »

Can Kalarchikai cure multiple ovarian cysts in PCOD?

Query: Hello doctor, I have multiple small cysts in both ovaries (PCOS). Our family friend suggested me to consume Kalarchikai medicine, powdered mixed with pepper and honey to have it for one mandala (48 days). I have completed nearly 44 days by consuming one small ball of the mixture every morning and b...  Read Full »

Dr. Alka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query. See Kalarachi Kai choornam is helpful in amenorrhea. As far as small cysts are concerned they are unmatured eggs which failed to induce menstrual cycle previously, as a result, they got collected in the ovary and they will remain in the ovary....  Read Full »

Can I take Kalarchikai choornam for PCOD?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 30 years old. I have completed my marriage life for three years. I have no children. I have PCOD and thyroid. I have a prolactin level of 53 ng/mL. I am taking Metformin 500 mg. I am taking Caberlin 0.25 mg weekly once. I have severe hair loss. Can I take Kalarchikai choornam along w...  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. Nowadays, PCOD is one of the most frequent causes of infertility. But it can be managed naturally through Ayurvedic medicines. Hypothyroidism also affects the period and hair fall. You should take regular medications to make it fine. You c...  Read Full »

Can kalarchikai powder taken for PCOD delay my periods?

Query: Hi doctor, I have PCOD, and I am taking Kalarchikai powder with pepper two times a day on an empty stomach, morning and evening. My periods come between 34 to 38 days, but it is already 42 days. Is this a side effect of Kalarchikai powder? I have gas and acne also. It has been almost 25 days since I...  Read Full »

Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) is a hormonal disorder. It has some common symptoms like irregular periods, acne, unwanted facial hairs, weight gain, etc. However, the severity of the symptoms depends on how many hormonal imbalances are there. So it requires some inve...  Read Full »

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