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About "Ayurveda Specialist"

An Ayurvedic doctor is related to alternative treatment methods, other than allopathy, for the diseases faced by the human population which is based on ancient Indian history. Their diagnosis does not only involve the identification of the disease but also is very specific for every individual.

While having an appointment with them, you can anticipate being questioned about your personal, medical, professional history along with your daily routine, exercise and food habits, etc., which help them to categorize you into a body type and accordingly proceed with the management of your problem. Along with questioning, they will observe your physical traits and do basic physical examinations. Recently, they have started prescribing blood tests in order to assist them with the diagnosis.

The treatment includes either a single or combination of herbal medicines, detoxification, diet and nutrition, massage, use of medicated oil to let it drip over the forehead, and if required minor surgeries mentioned and learned in their training. Since the majority of the appointment goes with communication, it has become easy to consult an Ayurvedic doctor online to get a solution for your problems, along with sharing tests and images.

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