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Scope of Homeopathy in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Published on Mar 20, 2018 and last reviewed on Jun 24, 2022   -  6 min read


Psychological problems are commonly seen in today's world. Let us read about the role that homeopathy can play in curing mental health disorders.

Scope of Homeopathy in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What Is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common psychiatric condition that arises after an individual has witnessed or been affected by a life-threatening event such as an environmental disaster, sexual assault, or violent assault. People who suffer from this will feel stressed or frightened even when they are no longer in danger. They show symptoms such as having flashbacks and behavioral disorders, including insomnia, crying, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. They may show withdrawal from social occasions, family, and friends. Often, PTSD can be so severe that it interferes with daily life. It is also called battle fatigue, shell shock, survivor's guilt, and traumatic neurosis.

When Was Post-traumatic Stress Disorder First Discovered?

Post-traumatic stress disorder was first discovered in the early '80s in Moscow, USSR (Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics).

What Are the Symptoms of Post-traumatic Disorder?

What Are the Phases of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD can be classified into four phases:

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD in Adults?

1. Re-Experiencing Symptoms:

2. Avoiding Symptoms:

3. Hyperarousal Symptoms:

Will Children With PTSD React Differently Than Adults?

Children and teens will have extreme responses to trauma, but few of their symptoms may not be as same as the adults. Signs and symptoms are sometimes seen in very young children who are less than six years old. These symptoms can include:

Older children and teens will show symptoms similar to those seen in adults. They may exhibit disruptive, disrespectful, or destructive behaviors and may also have thoughts of vengeance.

How Serious Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, if left untreated, can lead to severe problems in behavior in affected patients, which can worsen their mental health. The affected person will be harmful to themselves or others. We can alleviate the signs and symptoms if they are treated with counseling and medical therapy.

How Is Homeopathy Used in the Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Homeopathy can play a more significant role in the treatment of the symptoms of PTSD. It is a holistic treatment approach, where treatment is given to patients on all levels like spiritual, mental, or emotional, and the physical planes on which the symptoms of PTSD are manifested and expressive.

What Are the Homeopathy Remedies for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

  1. Stramonium is an excellent medicine in treating nightmares, fear of darkness, anxiety after undergoing violence, and a feeling of being in danger.

  2. Mancinella helps children and battered women who have the sensation of being controlled by an outside force such as an alien or devil.

  3. Gelsemium quells anticipatory fears and the feeling that something bad will happen in the future.

These are some examples of homeopathic remedies that can be very beneficial in treating PTSD and other mental illnesses. There are many more that can be used based on additional symptoms presented by the patient. If you or your loved ones have PTSD, I suggest consulting a homeopathy physician at the earliest to get cured of it and enjoy life as it should be.

The other homeopathic remedies for PTSD include:

Absinthium: The patient requiring this remedy will have nervousness and sleeplessness, visions, and frightening hallucinations. The affected ones do not want to engage with others and may tend to brutality and violence. This may alternate with a state of unconsciousness.

Aconitum: This medicine is used in patients with:

Agaricus: This remedy is used for patients with great changeability, irritability, and depression.

Anacardium: This remedy is for those with fixed beliefs and hallucinations.

Anhalonium: This remedy is used for individuals who have mistrust and displeasure.

Ambra Grisea: Ambra is used for those who fear having a company with people and want to be alone. These individuals will:

Arsenicum Album: This is a remedy indicated for people with great distress accompanied by restlessness.

Aurum Metallicum: The patient needing Aurum will exhibit feelings of self-condemnation, utter worthlessness, deep hopelessness, and a deep hatred for life. They will always be irritable, anxious, and easily angered. These people cannot handle disagreement, which is quarrelsome and makes them tend to commit suicide.

Kalium Bromatum: This remedy is used for patients with a deep illusion of being morally imperfect, and conspiracies building against them feel singled out. They fear getting poisoned, have frightful nightmares, horrible illusions, and are depressed and sad.

Natrium Muriaticum: This remedy is used in patients with illness produced by anger, grief, fear, mental disposition, and fright.

Opium: Opium has horrible visions with fear, anxiety, and uneasiness. The individual will become easily excited and will be restless, irritated, and anxious.

Morphium (Derivative of Opium): This remedy is used for individuals in a state of shock that experience terror. They will be in a dream-like state. Yet, they will be irritable, depressive, and hysterical.

Nitricum Acidum: This is for a headstrong person who is hateful and vengeful.

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