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How to Integrate the Body, Mind, and Spirit?

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How to Integrate the Body, Mind, and Spirit?

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Health is the basis of success and happiness. Being healthy is being wealthy. But does health include only the physical aspect? This article explains how the body, mind, and soul are interconnected, and a problem with one can lead to a problem in another.

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Published At August 23, 2018
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All of us probably would have read or studied the definition of health in our schools. But in adulthood, when it comes to our practical lives, we probably failed to understand and implement the actual meaning of what health really is. If we, our family, or friends are free from ailments and disease, we believe we are healthy as an individual and as a family. But is it really so? Maybe someone who is working out hard is physically fit. But have we focussed on other aspects of health? Via this article, you will get to know how you can make yourself aware of and achieve overall health.

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

In the race of chasing wealth for a better life, somewhere health was ignored by us. If you thought that a disease-free body with better physical abilities essentially indicates a healthy you, then definitely it is not so. Your physical health is a part of the triad. We all know the definition of health. Being healthy does not only mean the well-being of the body, but it is also about the mind and spirit being healthy. One should be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. For this, we should start practicing to be aware at the level of the body first, then the mind, and finally work on spiritual awareness.

How to Be Aware of Oneself?

1. The Body:

To be aware of one’s own body and physical health, one should give importance to nutrition. Take care of the diet and include natural foods, herbs, and macrobiotics. Limit the intake of junk foods. Lack of nutrition can deprive one of their physical health, which in turn affects other aspects of health. It is also equally important to exercise, be it yoga, walking, dance, cycling, swimming, or any sport. Set aside at least 30 minutes of your day for physical activities.

If laziness and boredom are pulling you back from achieving your health goals, try group activities and work out in groups by joining a similar group of people. Another big boost you can give your physical body is sleep. Proper rest and sleep, although often ignored, the lack of it can take a toll on your overall health.

2.The Mind:

One of the best ways to achieve a healthy mind is by meditating daily. Nothing can beat meditation and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, biofeedback, water therapy, music, etc. Focus on your breath, posture, and intuition. Just as the body needs training with exercise, the mind needs to be trained in meditation. It is a slow process, but in the long run, it will make you more optimistic and strong.

A healthy mind can make you control your thoughts and actions and be mindful of them. If you are a newbie to relaxation techniques like breath-focussed meditation, it might take some time for you to control your wavering thoughts. Do not force yourself to focus; just set your thoughts free initially, pay attention to them, and return to your focus each time you lose it. Be gentle with your thoughts and mind.

3. The Spirit:

And finally, to be aware at the spiritual level means to understand the self. 'Who am I?" The answer to this question is everything in itself. So, at the spiritual level, you will understand the purpose of your life and your existence. You will be able to see that there are a lot of burdens that you are unnecessarily carrying over your shoulders. Throw them away and walk happily.

Getting rid of emotional baggage is the need of the hour in achieving spiritual health. If your past is holding you back from achieving emotional or spiritual health, just consider your past a mere experience and never be guilty about it. This time, at present, is the right time to make changes in yourself to be a better person. Let go of the past, do not worry about the future, be in the present at all times.

What Is Holistic Healing?

It is proven through years of scientific research that we are solely responsible for inviting illness to our bodies. The body reflects our thoughts and beliefs. Every single cell within our body responds to every single thought that you think and every single word that you speak.

It is necessary to take medicines and appropriate treatment when we get an illness, but it is more important to take care of the preventive measures so that there will be no need to take medicines.

What Are The Benefits of Holistic Healing?

  1. Holistic healing focuses on treating the root of the cause rather than treating the condition.

  2. All the aspects of health are given utmost importance to treat any condition as a whole.

  3. Holistic diets are being suggested, which include an unprocessed well-balanced diet. It comprises organic and raw foods filled with nutrients and disease-fighting properties.

  4. Not only does holistic healing treat the physical or mental condition, but it also improves the overall wellness of an individual with long-term results.

  5. It teaches your body to inculcate its natural healing abilities.

  6. It reduces stress and anxiety levels and trains the mind and soul to set itself free from the stressors.

  7. The way one perceives and reacts to things and situations surrounding them starts to differ from their usual.


Take some time out of your busy schedules to analyze and assess your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Attaining health at your mind and spiritual levels can be quite slow compared to your physical body, but in the end, consistency matters. Be consistent with whatever techniques and methods you are practicing.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Are Body, Mind, and Spirit Connected?

The body, mind, and spirit combine together to give an identity to an individual. It also creates awareness about physical and mental health. It helps understand the individuality and uniqueness of each individual.


How Can Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit Be Nourished?

The mind-body, heart, and spirit are nourished by practicing physical activities and meditation daily. Decluttering the mind, being graceful, and having plenty of sleep can help nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Being mindful of food intake and avoiding junk food also plays an important role in maintaining the body.


How Can the Mind and Soul Be Purified?

Meditation and relaxation therapy, like deep breathing and water therapy, can help calm the mind and improve focus. A healthy mind is pivotal in controlling thoughts and actions. The soul is purified by identifying the unwanted burdens and throwing them away. It helps to clearly understand the purpose of life.


How Are the Body and Mind Trained?

Regular and consistent practice is the key to training the body and mind to perform any task. Practicing mindfulness and meditation is crucial to avoid unnecessary thoughts that may impact the overall performance of an individual. Following a balanced diet and staying optimistic can help to train the body and mind.


What Is Spiritual Nourishment?

The process of self-understanding and getting rid of any emotional baggage is important for spiritual nourishment. It gives the knowledge and wisdom to identify the purpose of life. Spiritual nourishment is essential for a happy life.


How to Purify the Mind?

Staying organized helps to distinguish the unnecessary clutter that has been controlling the mind. Focusing on breathing helps to purify the mind by avoiding unwanted distractions. Listening to pleasant music and getting adequate sleep helps purify the mind.


How to Identify a Tired Soul?

Inadequate sleep, feeling restless, and constant daydreaming could imply a tired soul. A tired soul is exhausted from performing daily activities and is unable to focus. A tired soul may have symptomatic manifestations like anxiety and depression.


What Is the Importance of Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing helps to address the root cause of the condition and not merely the disease. It aids the body in inculcating natural healing abilities. It trains the mind and soul from stress factors.


Why Is It Important to Be Holistic?

A holistic approach helps understand the complete requirements of the mind, body, and spirit and treats them accordingly. It makes a huge difference in the way an individual perceives any information. It cultivates optimism and helps to stay focused.


Does Holistic Medicine Actually Work?

Yes, most people have benefited from holistic medicine. Holistic medicine primarily focuses on the prevention and wellness of an individual. It also teaches an individual that self-care is important for a healthy life.


How Can Holistic Thinking Be Better Explained With an Example?

Holistic thinking does not objectify things but helps to understand their purpose.  For example, a dining table is a place to share meals, and a school is a place to share knowledge. Instead of just looking at them as chairs and buildings, celebrating the purpose of their creation gives any object a holistic approach.


How to Practice Holistic Thinking?

Holistic thinking trains the mind and body to understand the values and functionality of any basic process. Eating healthy food, observing nature and its behavioral patterns, and continuous learning and development help to enhance holistic thinking. Understanding the overall goals help channel thoughts in a particular direction and improves holistic thinking.


When Is Holistic Thinking Useful?

Holistic thinking is extremely important in helping the body heal from any form of stress and anxiety disorder. It helps to understand and simplify things that enable an individual to focus on the priorities of life. It also helps to solve any major complex situations by thoroughly understanding their merits and demerits before making a conscious decision.
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