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How to Improve Concentration Power in Children Through Homeopathy?

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How to Improve Concentration Power in Children Through Homeopathy?

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Most parents complain that their child lacks concentration. Learn about the cause and ways homeopathy can improve your child's concentration.

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Dr. Preetha. J

Published At September 7, 2018
Reviewed AtFebruary 10, 2022


These days, there is a common complaint among all the parents that their children "lack concentration," and of course, it affects their academic performance significantly. So, it is an important area to consider so that your child can perform better in their academics.

How Will I Know if My Child Is Lacking Concentration?

The following are some important characteristic features that indicate your child is lacking concentration:

  • Has a habit of losing things.

  • Feels restless.

  • Much prone to distractions.

  • Finds difficulty in maintaining friendships.

  • Difficulty in carrying out school work.

  • Remains fussy, moody, and aggressive.

  • Lacks organizational skills like keeping things in order.

  • Finds it challenging to cope with instructions.

What Are the Causes for Lack of Concentration?

There are some important and most prevalent causes of lack of concentration in school-going children (from age 5 to 12 years). Their minds are very sharp and most attentive to learning new things at this age. So, it is necessary to give their potential a sense of direction.

1. Boring and Difficult Study Pattern - Children always find something they enjoy doing, and if they have to learn something difficult, they try to ignore that and find ways to escape the task. So, there should be an amicable, easy, and exciting way to study. Give them easy tasks to complete or break the problematic task into small, manageable tasks so that they learn to accomplish their goals.

2. Medical Condition - If your child recently developed a lack of concentration, as well earlier, and has serious concentration problems, then it may be due to some medical condition like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), deficiency of vitamin B complex, and some other micronutrient, hormonal imbalance in pubertal age children, some chronic illness, etc. For this, you should visit the consultant doctor.

3. Diet - Some food products cause tiredness and sleepiness, like products made of refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles, pizza, burger, and carbonated drinks. They cause short-term alertness but, in the long-term, the effect is sluggishness.

4. Although children are curious to get to know things, there are a lot of distractions available for them like television, cell phones, video games, etc. These can affect their ability to concentrate.

5. Some children pretend to have concentration problems to seek attention from their parents or caretakers.

6. For a child to concentrate, they should stay motivated. Lack of motivation can bring about concentration difficulties.

7. Children, these days, are so addicted to their video games and cell phones that they forget to have a typical sleep pattern. This, in turn, can cause a lack of concentration in their day's work.

8. The problems that the child is going through inside impact their concentration. Family problems might disturb the mental ability of the child.

9. Modernization has not spared even the children, and they are entering into a more sedentary lifestyle. Electronic gadgets have taken over outdoor activities. This has imparted a lethargic attitude among today's children, which itself can cause a lack of concentration.

What Are the Remedies for Concentration?

There are some top homeopathic medicines that you can consider to improve your child's concentration power and behavior to perform their best in academics and extracurricular activities.

  1. Baryta Carbonica: This is the best medicine for children with weak memory, lack of concentration, lack of confidence, and mental and physical weakness. They take a long time to comprehend a topic, keep reading it again and again, height is less than their age, are very shy, do not have many friends, and fear meeting strangers. They are susceptible to cold weather. Along with all this, they have a repeated history of tonsillitis; then, Baryta carb is the top remedy.

  2. Kalium Phosphoricum: It is one of the most excellent remedies. It is considered a complete tonic for improving memory. The child with weakness and tiredness, mental and physical depression, nervousness and irritability, loss of memory, shyness, changeable mood, and even the slightest labor seems a heavy task is wonderfully improved by this remedy.

  3. Medorrhinum: This is the best medicine for children who make mistakes in spelling and names when writing. Sometimes, they repeatedly lose a conversation thread when they speak to someone because they forget the word.

  4. Kalium Bromatum: It is a top remedy when the child has a severe memory loss, cannot talk without saying words by others, and cannot even start a conversation without support. There is marked restlessness, especially in hands. The vital symptom in this medicine is that children cry and scream in sleep and sometimes talk during sleep.

  5. Aethusa Cynapium: This is another vital remedy when the child cannot remember what was taught. The child is restless, has a lack of interest in studies, is anxious, crying, has summer complaints, diarrhea, and cannot digest milk.

  6. Calcarea Carbonica: It is an excellent remedy for fatty chubby children who overgrow. They are very sleepy, and there is forgetfulness and confusion, significant sensitivity to cold, profuse perspiration, especially in the upper part of the body.

  7. Phosphorus: It is a good remedy for delicate, tall, lean, and thin children. The child is fearful, forgetful, or there is a lack of concentration due to play. The child is also restless, sensitive, playful, desires juices, fruits, cool drinks, talks to everybody, and makes friends quickly.

  8. Magnesium Phos: It is especially suited to tire and exhausted children. They cannot bear mental exertion, inability to think, and feel sleepy due to indigestion. They feel debilitated very soon during their studies.

  9. Natrium Muriaticum: It is an excellent remedy for frail children, who have significant weakness in the morning, and a liability to take colds. There are ill effects of anger, fright, and grief. They feel awkward and want to be alone to cry.

  10. Gelsemium Sempervirens: The child desires to be left alone and be quiet. There is an absolute lack of fear in children, anxiety during performance and examination, marked lack of thirst, and not liking to drink water.

What Can I Do to Improve My Child's Concentration?

  1. Simplify the tasks making it easy for the child to concentrate.

  2. Give your child a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

  3. Despite your hectic schedule, do not forget to spend some good quality time with your children.

  4. Ensure your child's room is free of distracting materials like television, mobile phones, video games, etc.

  5. Do try your best to keep family problems away from children.

  6. When you feel like your child is sad, talk to him and get to know about the problem. If you can, give a solution for it.

  7. Keep your children away from gadgets as much as you can. Go for short walks with your child. Ride bikes, play with your pets, and exercise together.


Homeopathy has reasonable solutions for concentration problems in children; however, the drugs should be taken only after consultation with a homeopathic specialist. In addition, do some lifestyle and dietary changes that can enhance the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Homeopathy Useful for Kids?

Homeopathy effectively treats a wide spectrum of juvenile diseases, including infantile colic, teething trouble, aches, pains, or even behavioral issues. Since these are, technically, not drugs, they can be used as adjuncts to conventional therapies. Kids respond faster to homeopathic therapies than adults.


Can Homeopathy Treat Attention Deficit?

Synaptol is a liquid homeopathic preparation formulated for kids over two years to manage ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), attention deficits, poor focus, impulsivity, fidgeting, and lack of concentration. The formulation combines aconitum ferox, adrenalinum, aesculus hippocastanum, apis mellifica, argentum nitricum, avena sativa, baptisia tinctoria, cochlearia armoracia, phosphorus, scleranthus annuus, scutellaria lateriflora, sumbul, viola odorata.


For the Brain, Which Homeopathic Medicine Works the Best?

Not one preparation can be termed the best for brain-related issues in homeopathy, as the medicines are tailored to the individual. However, on a broader view, preparations containing Anacardium Orientale, Cannabis indica, Helleborus niger, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux moschata, Phosphoricum acidum, or sulfur have been used to manage brain-associated disorders.


What Homeopathic Drug Is Best for Memory?

Kali Phos is considered one of the best homeopathic formulations to deal with weak memory. Other preparations like cannabis indica, Medorrhinum, Kali Bromatum, Lac Caninum, and Baryta Card are also used in managing poor memory.


Which Vitamin Supplementation Helps With ADHD?

Vitamin D supplementation is the most effective against ADHD. Additionally, the individual can be given other supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, inositol, and magnesium. Natural supplementations like Ginkgo biloba and American ginseng have also been indicated.


What Is the Pharmacotherapeutic Regimen for a Child With ADHD?

The FDA has approved five medicines to be used against ADHD- Methylphenidate, Lisdexamfetamine, Dexamfetamine, Atomoxetine, and Guanfacine. Homeopathic drugs, like Synaptol, are recommended by homeopathic specialists for ADHD.


What Should an ADHD Child Consume?

Children with ADHD should consume a diet that is rich in:
- Proteins (beans, cheese, eggs, meats, and nuts).
- Complex carbohydrates (oranges, tangerines, pears, grapes, apples, and kiwi).
- Omega-3 fatty acids (tuna, salmon, walnuts, brazil nuts, olives, canola oil, or Vayarin, an FDA-approved supplement).


Is It Possible for a Child to Overdose on Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathic medications do not cause any overdose effects due to the high level of customization and solution. Ingesting a very high amount of homeopathic formula is not toxic or a matter of emergency. The most a child presents is transient hyperactivity.


What Is the Cause of ADHD?

There is no sufficient evidence that nutrient deficiency causes ADHD, but vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and iron supplementation has proven beneficial in ADHD management. It is found that ADHD individuals usually have low levels of dopamine in the brain and low iron content in the blood than normal peers.


Does a Five-Year Child Require Medication for ADHD?

Experts advise against pharmacotherapy for ADHD for children below six years. Behavior therapy and counseling are the suggested pathways for managing a child within the spectrum. Parents and clinicians should weigh the pros and cons before implementing drugs in the regimen.


Should Medications Be Prescribed for All Children With ADHD?

Not all children require medications to deal with ADHD. Behavior therapy and practice in staying organized and learning to wait patiently have proven effective in some ADHD children. Pharmacotherapy although very effective in almost 80 % of cases, pharmacotherapy is not recommended in children below six years.


Is It Possible for Children to Grow Out of ADHD?

It is not likely for children accurately diagnosed with ADHD to grow out of their condition. However, some children may acquire total recovery by their mid and late twenties. But between 50 % to 86 % of the diagnosed children, some degree of deficit persists.


Is Homeopathy a Fast-Acting Medication?

Some homeopathic preparations are made to act fast, sometimes even faster than conventional medicines. This is true for acute cases where the action is faster, and the regimen is shorter. The beneficial effects may last for up to three years.


What Can Homeopathic Medicines Not Do?

Some of the limitations of homeopathy are:
- It cannot cure genetic abnormalities.
- It cannot cure nutritional deficiency-associated conditions.
- It cannot manage conditions that require mechanical interventions.
- The clinicians may be limited by knowledge, skill, and experience.
- The purity and potency of the drugs are not studied.
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Dr. Kavita Rajput
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