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Bach Flower Remedies for Poor Memory and Lack of Concentration in Children

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Bach flower remedies can restore harmony at the level of the mind by relieving negative emotions that disrupt the body’s equilibrium.

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Published At November 16, 2023
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Weak memory and poor concentration in work or studies are common issues in children. Many children suffer from memory problems. Many of them are unable to focus on their studies, cannot remember things they have studied, or even if they remember they tend to forget very soon. Due to their impatient nature, they tend to perform the task in a hurry which does not give enough time to grasp what they have done. This leads to the juggling of thoughts and jumping from one thought to another. Thus such children or people lack focus while studying. The reasons for such problems are many.

What Are the Causes of Weak Memory in Children?

In children, the cause for weak memory and poor concentration can be -

  • Learning Disabilities - Usually disorders like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism, and developmental language disorders can cause memory problems. Without a strong memory, the child cannot pay attention and lacks concentration. They have difficulty in completing their homework or daily chores on time and even they cannot follow instructions.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries - Injury to the brain can affect brain functionality and can lead to forgetfulness and short-term memory loss.
  • Childhood Trauma - Physical or mental abuse can trigger the memory problem. Due to such abuse, children tend to go into deeper dissociation where they get lost in one thing they do or start daydreaming and disconnecting from the surrounding environment. Normally everyone goes into dissociation in a milder form.
  • Mental Health Disorders - Following mental health disorders can lead to poor concentration and short or long-term memory in children. For example - OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), bipolar disorder, brain infections, brain tumors, epilepsy, substance abuse, and many more.

Memory and concentration issues related to emotional abuse, or developmental disabilities can be treated by Bach flower remedies. Bach flower remedies can be helpful in such problems and help to keep alertness, good memory, and focus on studies or daily activities. Bach flower remedies are flower remedies that contain active flower ingredients that are transferred from the flower to water during the process of making the Bach flower mother tinctures. It is believed that fresh flowers have a lot of positive energies which are transferred to cause a positive impact on a person’s mind. These flower remedies can restore harmony at the level of mind and body and are proven to relieve negative emotions like fear, worry, hatred, and others that disrupt the body’s equilibrium. Bach flower remedies are useful to both children and adults. Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, and microbiologist invented the ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ which are also called ‘Flower Remedies’ or ‘Flower Essences’. He believed that illnesses are caused by the imbalance and disharmony between our body and mind. Thus, most of the physical symptoms are caused due to disharmony at the level of the mind. If our mind is at peace, then the body can heal and recover itself from any physical illnesses.

What Are Bach Flower Remedies for Poor Memory and Lack of Concentration in Children?

Some of the following Bach flower remedies are useful and effective in treating memory and concentration issues. These are listed below:

1. Clematis - Clematis are for the people who live in the world of imagination, are always in a dreamy state, and are rarely conscious or rarely attentive to what is going around them. They like to live in the future than in the present situation. During sickness, they make little or no effort to get well and sometimes they may even look forward to death. Physically, these individuals may be present, but mentally, their presence is absent. One might have to repeat the questions again and again so that one could grasp them. They are very passive, have no future plans or no time management, and cannot complete their task on time. They are not very pushy kind of people who like to be at their own pace and mind their own business. Clematis helps these people to get out of their dreamy state and be more focused on the present conditions. This remedy makes them aware of the people and things around them.

2. Chestnut Bud - Chestnut bud is indicated in children who are inclined to make the same mistakes again and again as if it is a kind of memory to repeat the same mistake. This happens because such children take a longer time to learn the lessons of life. The mistakes they repeat seem very stupid and irrational and anyone who looks at them who be surprised to see that anyone could repeat the same mistake so frequently. For instance, most of the children commit repetitive mistakes like writing an incorrect spelling for a word or solving the same math problem incorrectly even after correcting it many times. Even adults commit such mistakes repetitively. The reason for this is that these people assume or think of every mistake as a new now. Chestnut bud helps children to think rationally and remember their mistakes so that the same mistakes are not committed again.

3. Larch - Children with an inferiority complex usually need a remedy like larch because somewhere they have convinced their mind that they cannot fairly compare with others and they cannot do whatever they have to do. Such children remain in the ‘cannot do it attitude’ hence they never grow or develop in life. Sometimes some people in the negative state of larch, refuse to recognize their limits and hence they are accepted and expected as a condition of life. They develop a vicious cycle around them where they set their benchmark high, and they see everyone able to attain that level except them. This kind of constant feeling makes them inferior and they tend to lose their self-confidence and thus they start worshipping others. With the help of Bach flower remedy larch, the mental block that makes them think that they are inferior to others is removed. They get mentally convinced that they are equal to others. They become more objective and able to handle the task easily and confidently. This remedy works wonderfully when one needs self-confidence while writing an exam paper or while starting a new job or work.

4. Scleranthus - This remedy is indicated to people or children who are indecisive and cannot make up their minds especially when there are two or more options. Hence such people or children jump from one thought to another and react to every outside impulse. This remedy encourages the positive potential of certainty and decisiveness and tends to become more spontaneous in making decisions.

The above-mentioned are only a few of the Bach flower remedies but are commonly indicated in children having poor memory and concentration issues. It is advised to avoid self-prescription of these remedies. It is better to take a bit of advice from an experienced Bach flower practitioner.


In conclusion, the use of Bach flower remedies presents a promising avenue for addressing poor memory and lack of concentration in children. As explored in this article, these natural remedies, derived from flowers, offer a gentle and holistic approach to promoting emotional balance, which in turn may positively impact cognitive functions. The individualized nature of Bach flower remedies allows for a tailored and personalized approach to address specific emotional states contributing to memory and concentration issues.

Dr. Sheetal Kamble
Dr. Sheetal Kamble



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