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Can I take Karisalankanni Churnam daily to improve general health?

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Medically reviewed by

Dr. K. Shobana

Published At January 11, 2022
Reviewed AtSeptember 10, 2023

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

I would like to know whether I can take Karisalankanni Churnam daily for general health. If so, what is the quantity and how can I take it? I have Tamas (laziness) issues, like daytime sleepiness.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

You can take Karisalai chooranam for general health on a daily basis. It will be better if you can add details about any of your pre-existing health issues. As you have mentioned about your tamas issues, I think you might be feeling sleepy during the daytime due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, if you have recovered from any recent illness or fever, second, if you have night work shifts or irregular sleep patterns like sleeping late or you may be having some digestive issues or might be anemic.

Please mention whether you are having this daytime sluggish problem only recently or it is your regular pattern since a young age (from adolescent time). It is the Kaba dominant pattern and with your answers, I can assess if this problem of yours is normal and can be modified to your advantage or if it could be caused by some underlying disease conditions. I can help you more with your detailed answers on your dietary patterns (veg or non-veg), sleep patterns, and bowel habits. For now, I will try to provide a solution to your tamas body character and how to take Karisalai powder daily.

Treatment plan

Internal medicines: 1. Take Karisalai karpam chooranam (plain) one to two grams with honey before taking food in the morning and evening daily. Note: Rather than plain karisalai powder, this Karpam medicine I have recommended is a combination of the majority portion of Karisalai with a few more herbs to enhance its effects. 2. You can take Amukkara chooranam two grams with milk in the morning and evening after taking food daily. Note: It aids in good digestion, reduces general weakness, and provides good sleep. Avoiding taking chicken, bitter gourd, and tamarind for both the patient complaints and during the medicine intake.

Preventive measures

Follow these dietary and lifestyle measures adopted for best results: 1. Have brisk walking in the morning daily. 2. Do Pranayama or Surya namaskar in the early morning daily. 3. Avoid taking heavy oily or processed foods for a short time. 4. Avoid taking heavy red meat intake (advised in lesser amounts). 5. Take fresh fruits, vegetables, and easily digestible foods adequately.

Regarding follow up

You can come for a follow-up in two to three days for further queries or give more details about the present complaints

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

Thanks very much for the valuable consultation. Here, I have given some more information on my health condition. I do not have any preexisting illness. I think my daytime sleepiness is about lethargy in the system and habituation. I am working from home for a very long time, so I developed this habit of taking a nap. When I am going outdoors or going to the office, I usually do not have this problem. I feel like taking a nap around 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in the morning, almost every day. I reduced the quantity of food for breakfast but still, I face the same issue. I listened to an online video where it was told that Karisalai clears up toxins in the system and helps to wake up early. Also, I learned that karisalai powder helps to clean teeth and tongue, which will also detox the other systems.

I have a chronic issue of abdominal bloating, whenever I eat late or feel very hungry. The condition may be acid peptic disease (APD) or sensitive stomach lining. I took Ayurveda (external) treatment three months back. I was prescribed Avipathigara choornam and Hinguvachadi tablet which I took for a month. Though the problem has not gone completely, now it looks to be in control. I also get frequent episodes of nasal allergy (white mucous discharge with sneezing), which goes on its own.


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

It is good to know that you do not have any pre-existing illnesses. From your detailed query, I get that firstly, you have a habitual daytime sleep, secondly, gastric problems (bloating) for which you have taken Ayurvedic medicines, thirdly, you intended to take karisalai to remove toxins from your body for which you asked me about the dosage and consuming details, and finally, you are having frequent episodes of nasal allergy, which goes away on its own.

A healthy short afternoon nap of 15 to 20 minutes could help at times in rejuvenating your body and mind, especially when you work before computers for extended periods of time. But feeling sleepy continuously can be due to a lack of proper nighttime sleep, for which I have already recommended you to take Amukkara chooranam. This will also help relieve your bloating and stomach sensitivity. Karisalai might help reduce general toxins and have certain health benefits, although it may not specifically target your problems.

Siddha's system of medicine is a personalized way of treating people for their specific complaints. Considering the Vadha and Kaba disturbances in your body, which might have been aggravated with your work, eating, and sleeping pattern, I suggest complete cleansing of your body of specific toxins with specific treatment methods such as Vrechanam, Ennai Kuliyal, Vedhu, Pranayama. Over these years, I have prescribed different combinations of these Siddha treatments with respect to the individual's prakruti.

These combined and customized Siddha therapies have well resulted in better health conditions for all my patients. All these combinational treatments should be taken with the doctor's advice. But these recommendations can be done only after understanding your prakruti, daily routines, and some other factors too. Please understand that general Siddha medications and treatments cannot give similar effects or reliefs to all individuals.

Treatment plan

Meanwhile, I suggest you take Vedhu and Chukku coffee for instant or temporary relief, before our appointment.

Preventive measures

In general, I suggest you eat on time, like breakfast at 8 to 9 am, lunch from 1 to 2 pm, evening snack - 4 to 5 pm, and dinner at 7 to 8 pm, and sleep on time. This will help to regulate the entire body system.

Regarding follow up

The main medicines for the gastric problem and nasal allergy have to be taken to achieve complete relief. I recommend having at least one audio or video call according to your convenience to understand your prakruti or dehi and personalize your treatment plan ( internal medicines with medicated food, external therapy, yoga, modifications in dietary and daily practices) accordingly. I suggest you keep any recent medical reports or details of medical treatments underwent in hand, before the call.

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Dr. Gowri Palanissami
Dr. Gowri Palanissami

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