Since I started taking ayurveda medicine, my stools are dark colored. Why?

Q. Since I started taking ayurveda medicine, my stools are dark colored. Why?

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Hi doctor,

ue to work stress and junk stuff, I started suffering from irregular periods, indigestion, hair fall, and acne for the last six to seven months. So, I went up for some Ayurveda treatment. I started taking the following medicines prescribed by an Ayurveda practitioner. A combination of Ashokarishta and Kumaryasava and Shatavari gulam at bedtime with milk. Now, it has been almost 2.6 months with the above medicines. My main concern is that I am getting a dark-colored stool, which sinks easily and is slim in nature since the day I started taking medicine. Please resolve this concern. Is there any need for a stool test? Do the above medicines have side effects or any toxicity? Also, please share some dos and don'ts on diet and lifestyle that could help my body to balance all doshas. The ayurveda specialist said that I have Vata dosha. I also found it hard to sleep at night and have short sleeping hours like I keep on waking up in between. Why does it happen? Kindly provide a solution for this.



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I just read your query.

You did not mention that have you been performed any test, ultrasound and the previously taken any allopathy medicine. Also, you have been taking this medicine for quite long. Is now your period regular or not? All the symptoms you have mentioned are signing towards PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In ayurveda, this disease is not described as a single disease, but a group of illness included in it. First of all due to stress, junk food and unhealthy lifestyle your body's circadian rhythm was disturbed. Circadian rhythm is a natural clock, which further leads to many problems and hormonal imbalance. The indigestion is mainly due to fast food and unhealthy eating habits because your body release certain enzymes and digestive juices to digest your food. Excessive junk food and not having food on time leads to improper digestion. According to ayurveda, this is called as agnimandya. Hair fall, acne, irregular periods and indigestion all are considered under PCOS. You have not mentioned about your height and weight. Because in PCOS sometimes weight also increases and insulin resistance also occurs, which leads to high blood glucose levels and obesity.

Start improving your lifestyle because your lifestyle plays a significant role in your health. Start doing yoga and meditation daily. In yoga, you can do asanas like Sarvangasana, Mathsyasana and Shavasana. Initially, you will face some difficulty in doing these postures, but with the passage of time your body flexibility will increase, and you will easily do them. You can take help from professional yoga trainer too. Do exercise daily and walk daily at least for 30 minutes. If you cannot exercise daily, then do brisk walk daily as this will help you to maintain weight. Exercise, yoga, and walk increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which is helpful in curing problems. Eat healthy and fresh fruit and try to split your three heavy meals into five small meals. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables more. Both of these are helpful in your problem as they are rich in fibers and antioxidants, which will help you a lot. Start taking soy products because these are also helpful inPCOS. Do not consume too much milk because some researchers show that too much milk also increases testosterone levels. Avoid junk food, tea and coffee as much as possible instead you can take green tea one to two cups if you want to take them. Try to have home made food as compared to outside food as this will have an excess of spices. Since you have been taking this treatment for so long and any treatment whether it is Ayurveda or allopathy should be changed after some time. So here I am suggesting you the treatment.

Take Chitrakadi Vati (Chitraka, Maricha, Pippali, Pippalimoola) one tablet twice a day after food with lukewarm water for four weeks. It will help to control your indigestion. Take Varunadi kwath (Sahachara, Sathaavari, Agni, Murva) 2 teaspoons with an equal amount of water two times a day for four weeks. It will contribute to normalizing your irregular periods. Take Arogyavardhini Vati (Shuddha Parada, Shuddha Gandhak, Loha Bhasma) one tablet twice a day with lukewarm water. It will help to control your acne and improves your menstrual cycle too. You can continue Kumaryasavam for one more month as it is also helpful to your condition. If you pass stool once or twice a day and do not have any other problems like a pain in the abdomen or anemia, then it is fine. The black-colored stool has many causes. Sometimes, it is due to some medications and dietary things, and sometimes, a disease too. You can go for a stool examination. If it is normal, then do not worry about color and other things.

For irregular sleep, I already mentioned about yoga and meditation. Both of these will help in calming mind and body. Also, go to your bed before midnight whether you feel sleepy or not and switch off the lights. After some days your body will find it easy to fall asleep. Try to avoid your contact with the mobile phone, laptop and television one hour before sleep, as blue light of all these hinder regular sleep pattern. Do perform some blood tests like testosterone, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), blood glucose level and ultrasound. Try all these things regularly, and you will see positive results very soon. Revert to me after blood reports and ultrasound.

Hello doctor,

Thanks for your valuable advice.

I went up for certain tests like ultrasound and hormone tests. At this moment attaching the reports and further blood test report is not attached. My Hb is 11. I joined yoga classes 20 days back, and I do brisk walks daily. I am taking all sorts of dietary precautions. I have not adopted any allopathic medicine for gynecological things. I am only taking Vitamin D supplements as it was too low before. Yes, my periods are becoming regular. I notice blood clots during periods and brown spotting before periods. Are these normal or a cause for concern? Please tell me what is called normal bleeding. Does Ashokarishta reduce bleeding? My height is 5'6", and my weight is 123.46 Ibs. My primary concern is acne. I am sleeping regularly for 6 hours. Is this sufficient? Please tell me about the soluble and insoluble fiber. I am a bit reluctant to take medicines. Please tell me if based on these reports, is there any further need to take medications.



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I just went through all your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). All reports are within reasonable limits. So, stop worrying about it. First of all, let me tell you about blood clots during periods. As you menstruate, anticoagulants are released that break down the thick menstrual blood before it leaves your body. Sometimes blood flows faster, and anticoagulants may not have enough time to give out the blood, so clots formed. The menstrual blood is not only blood. It consists of the inner lining of the uterus and some glands, etc. So, some amount of clot is normal. So, you do not worry about this. Brown discharge before periods might consist of cervical mucus. Mostly it is transparent but sometimes may have a brown color. If it is mild in nature and you only observe it before periods, then do not worry about it. Ashokarishta sometimes decreases menstrual flow. But, the flow becomes normal after on or two cycles when you stop taking it. Normal bleeding is considered as 3 to 6 days of periods. Every day you may have lost 0.33 to 1.17 fl oz of your blood. If you count it by sanitary pads or tampons, then usage between 2 to 7 pads is normal.

Your BMI is 20.14, which is normal. So, presently your weight is normal according to your height. Keep on taking Vitamin D supplements till it becomes normal. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is healthy. Do avoid blue light before sleeping. Soluble fiber is which absorbs water like oats, nuts, beans, apples, blueberries, etc. It bulks up the stool. Insoluble fiber is not digestible. It is present in seeds and skins of fruits, whole wheat bread and brown rice, etc. If you take it during diarrhea, then it makes diarrhea worse. Taking excess fiber sometimes causes loose stool. S,o take servings of fiber proportionately. Do not worry if you have more or less amount of fiber someday. But, do eat everything in a proportionate manner.

As your reports are normal and if three or more cycles are normal, then you do not need to take medicine. But if less than three cycles are regular, then do take medicine. If you are taking medications, then take them regularly and do stop medication during periods. In case digestion is normal, then do not take Chitrakadi vati. As I mentioned previously Arogyavardhini vati is very helpful in acne. Acne may be due to excess oil formation in skin, which may clog hair follicles. According to Ayurveda, it is called as Yuvan pika.If you do not want to take excessive medicines for acne, then take only this one and along with that do local care of your skin. Wash your face with mild herbal face wash. Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Apply sunscreen lotion half an hour before going outside. Even if it is a cloudy day, do use sunscreen lotion. Do not peel off your acne. Do not use irritant cosmetics and clean your face before sleeping. Above all eat healthy, sleep adequately and do not take too much stress.

Hello doctor,

As discussed, I went up for a stool examination, and I am also facing a lot of anal itch. At this moment, I am attaching the reports. Please guide me in understanding and highlighting each and every option mentioned in the report. It was mentioned that the stool is semi-formed, acidic, and contains pinworms. Please share the possible causes of the abnormality. Are pinworms normal? If not, then please share some treatment for this. Would like to go for some natural treatment? Is anal itch due to pinworms? Do pinworms interfere with nutrient absorption and cause acne? Do we get acne due to body heat? If yes, please share the solution and can we take Lassi during winter to reduce the excess body heat? If yes, then how about milk? Shall it be raw milk?



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First of all your stool report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is within normal limits except the presence of pinworms and the mild presence of bacteria. But, do not worry as these all are curable things. Pinworms also called as threadworms are common intestinal parasites and commonly present in the human intestine. These parasites use the human body to survive and reproduce. These worms mature in the intestine and move through the digestive system to lay eggs in the anal area. These lay eggs during night. Adult worms live up to six weeks. These worms do not cause any symptoms. But, sometimes causes itchiness around the anus and in some females, these may also cause itchiness around the vagina.

In moderate to severe infections these worms may cause symptoms like disturbing sleep, slight nausea, sometimes abdominal pain and sometimes loss of appetite. In the case of severe pinworm infection, tape test and moistened swab test are performed. But, you did not need these tests. Because your condition is one of the most common conditions. This much of infection is easily treated, and the most important thing is to prevent re-infection. As adult worms live up to six weeks, six-week strict hygiene method is applied. First of all, this is caused by ingestion of eggs. So, cut your nails regularly. Refrain from nail biting and finger sucking. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. During night whenever you feel itchy, and you keep on itching your anal area then some eggs may stick in nails and can be ingested through the mouth. So, wear cotton gloves during sleep till you have to itch so that eggs will not stick in nails. Wash all bed linens of your house, your night suit, towel regularly and very often for six weeks. Keep your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom clean regularly. At night wear close-fitting underwear and change your underwear every day. Every family member needs precautionary treatment for this including your servants whether they have symptoms or not.

Usually, a single dose of Mebendazole (100 mg) at night is effective as a treatment, and you can have it after consulting your family physician. You have asked for natural treatment, and you can take Cruminill syrup two tablespoons twice daily with water for one week. Apply mustard oil on the anal region at night for some days to prevent extreme itching sensation. Regular hygiene measure and treatment will solve your problem soon. Pinworms do not cause acne problem and do not interference with nutrient absorption. There is nothing like your body heat causes acne. As I told you earlier, hormonal imbalance and excessive oil production in the skin can cause the problem of acne.

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