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Educate Yourself and Prevent Pregnancy Scare

Published on May 08, 2020 and last reviewed on May 02, 2022   -  4 min read


This article is written to address some very commonly asked questions by youngsters when they engage in sexual activity. Read the article to know more about the thoughts of unwanted pregnancy.

Educate Yourself and Prevent Pregnancy Scare


After answering more than 1.5 lakh patients' questions, I realized that almost 40 % to 50 % of the questions were about sex and related subjects. Out of which, more number of questions were about whether the female partner will get pregnant after a specific sexual encounter. It was very evident that the majority of adults, and most commonly, teenagers lack the appropriate knowledge of sex. To my surprise, most married couples have almost no knowledge about the subject and sometimes even have major misconceptions, misbeliefs, or wrong information.

What Are the Most Common Question About Sex and Pregnancy?

Yes, we know that the major portion of sex education comes from porn videos, which corrupts the mind and puts them into lifelong suffering. I had an opportunity to deal with such problems and could help them to a great extent. But still, I could reach only 2 % to 4 % of the affected. Many of them lack proper resources or access to the right kind of answer and keep suffering and may get themselves in harm's way. The most common types of questions that I have come across are:

  1. My girlfriend and I were having dry humping, we were wearing clothes, and I ejaculated inside my underwear. Can she be pregnant?

  2. My boyfriend and I were having sex, and he touched the vagina with his penis, and then he ejaculated on my abdomen, clothes, thighs, or near the vagina. Am I pregnant?

  3. Can drinking semen cause pregnancy?

  4. Can semen cross through garments and cause pregnancy?

  5. I touched semen while using a public toilet. Can it cause pregnancy?

  6. Can the use of a towel used to clean semen cause pregnancy?

  7. I had anal sex with my partner. Can it cause pregnancy?

And many more such questions. Some even think that kissing can also result in pregnancy. I was so surprised that even after having access to the internet, which can provide the answer to the question in seconds, people do not use it to its potential.

You can indeed be well informed if you get the right source on the internet, but there are many more misleading things out there too. Somehow, people first try to get their answers from their friends instead of getting the right information from medical personnel. So, to answer the questions in a few words, No! These do not cause pregnancy.

How Does a Woman Get Pregnant?

There are lots of videos available to understand how pregnancy happens. But it becomes too technical to understand. So, in short, all of the above examples do not cause pregnancy.

The first requirement to get a woman pregnant is to have ejaculation of semen inside the vagina, and the sperm has to reach the ovum in the fallopian tubes. The semen cannot travel through clothes, from the skin to genitals, or through layers of skin; neither it can go to the genitals through your digestive tract by swallowing it.

Even having sexual intercourse and internal vaginal ejaculation does not cause pregnancy every time. It requires a proper environment and proper time of the menstrual cycle.

What If I Miss My Periods?

With so-called modernization, it has become very common to have sexual relations before marriage, and it is useless to deny the fact and turn our heads away from the subject. Till now, sex is considered a social stigma, which is why most of these activities are kept hidden. People do not talk about it. Many young boys and girls engage in a sexual relationship without knowing and then abuse themselves with unwanted hormonal pills to avoid or abort the pregnancy. They cannot discuss their troubles with their loved ones, as it is sure that they will be punished or ridiculed.

The tension starts when she misses her regular period date. They start panicking and resort to even some unwanted methods of contraception. The menstrual cycle is a complex process of hormonal action. The discharge of hormones often gets altered after strong emotions like anxiety, fear, shock, etc., which ultimately cause a change in the regular menstrual cycle. It can be delayed, early, or change in quantity, quality, color, and consistency of the discharged blood. It can be more or less increased or decreased than usual flow. The color can be bright red to even dark black, and it can be thin blood to dark and clotted. Females suffering from pre-existing conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can have more problems.

Misuse of Emergency Contraceptive Pills and Birth Control Pills:

The use of hormonal pills has become so common, and they consider them as some easy escape route without understanding their harmful effects of it. Unfortunately, frequent use does not just cause acute side effects, but they also have some long-term problems.

Usually, after taking the pill, the first menses will either be delayed or come early. The woman or the girl may also notice the changes mentioned above in the discharge. Sometimes, it has been seen that the first menses after the pills come on regular time, and then subsequent menstrual cycles are irregular. The irregularities sometimes take even theee months to four months to get back on schedule. These irregularities also sometimes confuse, and they start taking hormonal pills to induce the periods. Which may successfully induce the periods, but the person enters into a vicious cycle.

Taking hormonal pills makes the periods more irregular and to correct it, they take more hormonal pills, ultimately, falling into a major hormonal imbalance situation. My advice is to make yourself aware of the basic knowledge about the subject.


Sex is supposed to be the process you enjoy, not a taboo that makes your life complicated. In my next article, I will be explaining the harmless methods of avoiding pregnancy. I hope I was able to clear some of the confusion and misconceptions of the readers. You can consult me online to have proper guidance about the subject or treatment if you face any difficulties, such as low libido, erection deficit, premature ejaculation, painful sex, vaginismus, or learn the best methods of pleasure. With the help of homeopathic treatment, most of these problems can be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Prevent Pregnancy Scare?

A pregnancy scare is a condition a woman experiences when she does not want to get pregnant. The following methods can prevent a pregnancy scare:
- Using proper contraception during sexual intercourse. 
- Taking pregnancy test.
- Talking to a partner or friend regarding the scare.


What Types of Contraception Prevents Pregnancy?

The various types of contraception that can prevent pregnancy include:
  - Usage of condoms.
- Birth control pills.
- Usage of intrauterine devices. 
- Morning after pill.
- Contraceptive ring.


What Are Some People Scared of Pregnancy?

A person may be scared of pregnancy due to any of the following reasons:
- Fear of childbirth.
- Not ready for children yet.
- Disturbing images of childbirth.
- Victim of sexual abuse. 
- Experience of traumatic childbirth. 
- Previous complications in childbirth.
- Miscarriage or stillbirth.


Is It Normal to Have Pregnancy Scare?

Yes, it is normal to have a pregnancy scare. A pregnancy scare may happen when a woman does not want a pregnancy to happen. A survey says that most young women experience pregnancy scares at some point.


When Can a Woman Stop Being Scared of Pregnancy?

A woman can stop being scared of pregnancy under two conditions:
- Complete abstinence from sexual life.
- Cross the fertile period or menopause.


How Long Can Pregnancy Scare Last?

A pregnancy scare can last till the person gets a negative pregnancy test, which can last up to a few weeks or even months. Hence if someone is overwhelmed by pregnancy, it is advisable to get tested as early as possible.


Does Fear of Pregnancy Have a Name?

The fear of pregnancy is known as tokophobia. Tokophobia can cause women to avoid childbirth. Tokophobia can be primary or secondary. Primary tokophobia is a condition in which a woman has not experienced previous pregnancy. A secondary tokophobia can occur when a woman has experienced any traumatic childbirth.


Can Fear Cause Miscarriage?

Yes, fear can cause miscarriage. Fear can cause emotional stress that can increase the risk of miscarriage. However, it is not definite that fear or stress will cause miscarriage. It is advisable to avoid sudden shock or scare in miscarriage.


Can Consuming Hot Drinks Prevent Pregnancy?

Consuming hot drinks or beverages does not prevent pregnancy. There is no definite link to establish this. The entire process of conception after sexual intercourse is different, and drinking any warm fluids cannot prevent that.


Can Semen Be Washed Away With Water?

Semen is the fluid that males ejaculate during sexual intercourse. The semen contains sperm. If the semen is present in other body parts, it can be washed away with water. But the semen, when enters the vagina, cannot be cleaned by water.


Does Any Sleeping Position Cause Miscarriage?

No definite evidence exists to prove the link between sleeping position and miscarriage. However, sleeping on one’s back can cause pressure on the spine and the uterus, but it does not cause any harm to the pregnancy.


How Does the Body React When the Sperm Enters It?

If the sperm enters a woman's body during her fertile phase, fertilization can result in pregnancy. First, the sperm can enter a woman’s body through the cervix in the vagina. Then, it can move up the fallopian tube to meet an unfertilized egg. The fertilization of this egg may result in pregnancy.

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