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Why and How Homoeopathy Takes Time to Cure?

Published on Sep 24, 2019 and last reviewed on Apr 15, 2022   -  3 min read


One of the biggest myths, rumour, misconception etc about homoeopathy is so much prevalent in the society that many of the patients just avoid taking homoeopathic treatment. Here I am trying to clear one of the biggest ones with a simple understanding and also a case of my own.

Why and How Homoeopathy Takes Time to Cure?

I have many times encountered the saying that homeopathic treatment is excellent, but it takes too long to act. Initially, I ignored the question as I thought that it might be better to let them come to an understanding. But after practicing for 10 to 12 years, I have seen patients still not understanding it.

They keep on postponing homeopathic treatment until there is no hope left in allopathic treatment. By that time, it becomes an artificial disease, which is the most challenging diseases to cure even with homeopathic medicines. So, I thought let me throw some light on it.

Why Homeopathic Treatment Takes Time to Act?

Some very technical things need to be understood here.

1) Homeopathic medicine starts immediate action, as it directly acts on nerves even faster than most allopathic medicines, as they have to reach to stomach and get absorbed in blood and then it starts action which may take at least 20 to 30 minutes.

2) In case the homeopathic medicine does not show any action or partial action, it is not because of its slowness but because of wrong selection of the medicine, which is very common. Sometimes, it may take one or two or more case study of the patient to reach a good matching medicine.

3) Most of us are quite partial in judging the action of modern medicine and homeopathy. Patients keep on taking allopathic treatment for the chronic diseases like thyroid, hypertension, and diabetes in the misconception that they are being saved while in correct sense the allopathic treatment just is hiding the disease manifestations to the clear sight but keeps damaging the internal mechanism of the body. It later comes out as more severe illness, like hypertension patients later develop heart or kidney or eye problems, which they think is a new disease, but in the real sense, it is the sequel of the maltreated illness.

While on the other hand, homeopathy not only relieve the symptoms but it gradually reverse the disease process and actually cures it so that after a certain period of time the medicine can be stopped, unlike ever-increasing allopathic medication. But to bring the curative change in the cells and tissue to set it on the right path, it takes time in chronic diseases. It does not mean that a patient suffering from an acute illness like flu or fever should wait for days. I have seen patients getting relief within minutes or hours, including myself.

4) I accept that there is no fault of the patients more than the homeopathic doctors who themselves have spread this misconception to hide their weaknesses. Because they do not have the courage to say to the patient that it takes time to understand a person as a whole and to find a matching medicine, they misguide patients by saying that homeopathic treatment takes time. And the whole system suffers.

5) The other thing that goes unnoticed in most of the patients first tries to avoid doctor's consultation and take either over-the-counter medicines directly from the store person mostly company marketed patent products or they try to treat themselves by surfing the internet and reading articles on the disease written and medicines suggested in them. After trying all the possible shortcuts, they then approach a doctor, which should have been the first step.

If we can research through different sources before buying a product online or offline from the market, then why should we be careless when it comes to our health. Search into your local area to find a good practitioner who is known for his results and not because of the fancy clinic or high consultation fees, do not let the superstition of the society mislead you.

With the advancement of the internet and the presence of good platform like, it is easy to reach out to any good doctor, even far away. They can be asked questions, can be consulted for advice, or even for full treatment. Those patients who are willing to consult online should be very clear that it is not a one time deal; it requires regular follow-ups.

I wish that patients who are really willing to see the right path will find this article an eye-opener, and they will keep it in mind and will be able to take the right decision. Homeopathic treatment is not only helpful in just chronic and old diseases, but also beneficial as preventive, or in acute conditions or even as supplements like in weight gain, convalescence, in pregnancy, and other phases of life.

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15 Apr 2022  -  3 min read




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