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Piles - Causes, Symptoms, and Preventive Measures

Published on Jan 05, 2019 and last reviewed on Jun 17, 2022   -  4 min read


Piles refer to swollen veins near the anus region. This article will explain how to get rid of piles with the help of home and homeopathy remedies.

Piles - Causes, Symptoms, and Preventive Measures


The anal canal is a part of the rectum (segment of the large intestine) and the terminal portion of the bowel, which regulates the passage of fecal excretion. The final opening at the end of the anal canal is the anus.

The anal canal contains many vascular structures that act as a cushion while passing stools. The vascular bed in the anal canal consists of small blood vessels (sinusoids), smooth muscles, and loose connective tissue.

What Are Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Piles, otherwise called hemorrhoids, are inflamed veins at the anus or rectum. They arise from congestion of the internal or external venous plexus around the anal canal. They are extremely common in adults. Nearly every person would have faced minor problems with hemorrhoids at some point in time. Both the sexes equally experience the incidence of hemorrhoids.

What Causes Piles?

Although the cause of piles is usually unknown, sometimes piles could be a result of:

What Are the Types of Piles?

There are two types of piles, depending on the location,

Sometimes, the piles can be mixed (internal-external) involving the area of both types.

Piles can also be classified based on the findings in their location. They are,

Less frequently, hemorrhoids can be expressed as prolapsing and non-prolapsing in relation to disease symptoms and progression.

What Are the Grades of Piles?

Piles have four grades or degrees classified based on the degree of prolapse and appearance,

How Do Piles Develop?

There are many theories proposed to understand the development of piles. Some of them are discussed below,

What Are the Symptoms of Piles?

Patients suffering from piles may have the following symptoms:

How to Manage Piles?

The primary goal of treating piles is to diminish the acute symptoms based on the type and severity of the piles.

Conservative Method:

Surgical Method:

Homeopathy Method:

What Are the Preventive Measures for Piles?

A few steps to avoid discomfort in piles are as follows:


Sometimes, piles reappear even after surgery. But with the help of homeopathy and natural remedies, you can get rid of piles easily without surgery. So, follow some lifestyle changes and follow these tips to get rid of piles.

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