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Homeopathy is a powerful and effective treatment to alleviate the pathologies related to various psychological issues. Read this article for more details.

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Homeopathy is an apt medicine for the 21st century. Homeopathy is thoroughly capable of satisfying this age's therapeutic demands better than any other system or school of medicine. Homeopathy differs from conventional medicine in several ways and is a complete medical system that effectively helps in the treatment of mental disorders. Homeopathy is the second most used healing method in the entire world, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

Studies say one-fourth of the whole population suffers from a psychiatric or behavioral disease at some stage in their life. Mental disorders not only affect patients who have the disease but affect the entire family. And in general practice, people do not realize that they have any problem, and they do not seek help. Mental illnesses are more difficult to cure because there are no visible symptoms. There is no fever, rash, fracture, or sprain, but just a longing for something, unable to explain, and unable to convince.

What is Mental Health?

When one speaks about health, its actual definition includes various components and not only physical but also includes mental health, emotional health, social, and spiritual health too. Mental health is vital for a healthy, happy life, and it is the foundation for the growth and development of any society. When mental health is affected, due to various reasons, then mental disorders occur.

What Are Mental Disorders?

Mental illness is unquestionably one of the major health problems today. Mental disorders continue to rise at an alarming speed. Mental disorders include disturbances in mood, thoughts, and behavior. A disordered mind affects the ability to function normally in all realms of life. Mental illness can make one's life very miserable. Examples of mental illnesses are schizophrenia (a chronic mental disorder characterized by psychosis), obsessive-compulsive disorder (a chronic mental illness characterized by unwanted obsessions), bipolar disorder (chronic mood disorder), anxiety, and depression.

Mental illnesses are met with so much misunderstanding and fear. It is extremely important to destigmatize mental illness in any form. Mental illness is common in every society. Recovery can spring forth everywhere, where care and compassion are extended without judgment to all who are in need.

What Is the Connection Between Mind and Body?

  • Mind and body are two powerful allies. Hippocrates was the first to identify mental disorders and their seat in the brain. Man is an indivisible entity, an integrated unit of mind and body and most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, as body and mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one without the other.

  • For a homeopath, mind, and body are not two independent entities. They are intimately connected with each other. The mind is the root of every disease and suffering in man. It is us who create all illnesses in our bodies. Minds can create illness or wellness. The interconnectedness of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems suggests a unified healing system. So, nurturing the psyche is critical to optimal health.

  • The body responds to the way one think, feel, and act. When a person is stressed, anxious, or upset, the body reacts in a way that might tell that something wrong. For example, a person may develop an increase in blood pressure or a stomach ulcer after a stressful event. Mind and body are connected in more complex ways than anyone can ever comprehend. Research consistently shows that the way one thinks affects their behavior, feelings, and the body's response. Physical illness, exercising, physical exhilaration, insomnia, and other physical activities affect the way a person feels and behaves.

  • Mind is an intangible part of one’s life. It plays a critical role in decision-making and dictates how the body reacts to situations. For instance, one may faint after getting bad news. People who are worried or stressed, flood their subconscious mind with negative thoughts and emotions and thus, manifest negativity in their lives. Now the subconscious mind is full of negative energy, and the brain converts them into biochemical energy. This energy is communicated to the body via nerve impulses. If left unchecked, it results in mental problems and poor physical health.

  • The body weakens when the subconscious mind and body are working against each other and not synchronized. And in this condition risk of failure increases. This lowers the quality of life over a period of time. When the subconscious mind and body work together to accomplish a common goal, one develops zeal or strength to overcome all limitations and thus results in success.

What Are the Struggles of People Suffering From Mental Illness?

Every day is a struggle for a person dealing with mental disorders. People who are suffering from mental issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), will say that they are fine, but internally, they are going through a lot of torment. They seem to be constantly chasing a normal life. They feel like something is slowly squeezing the life out of them. They go through a tug-of-war within themselves. They remain in a confused state and find it hard to identify their real self. They live in illusion as if some malevolent energy is holding them tightly. They feel tired. They lack all motivation in life.

How Can Homeopathy Help?

For mental disorders, homeopathy is the most effective mode of treatment. The homeopath reads the patient's mind and finds the best suitable medicine to completely cure them. Mental disorders require humane treatment. A mentally ill person is already undergoing so much trauma, so there is a need to be more considerate, benevolent, and sympathetic in treatment approach:

  • In the past, the treatment of people with mental health conditions was ruthless. Homeopathy is a very gentle method of annihilating illness. In homeopathy, prescribing medicines for mental symptoms is of supreme importance. Mind, consciousness, feeling, emotions, understanding, thoughts, sensations, and mental symptoms are functions of a complex system, which is the nervous system. Homeopathy treats the patients as a whole. Subjective feelings and sensations are given more weightage in homeopathic prescription. So, know that psychological symptoms play a vital role in the realm of homeopathy.

  • Choosing the correct homeopathic medicine is a highly systematic and artful process. Homeopathy is very effective in curing and uprooting mental and emotional imbalances. Homeopathic medicines bring about true transformation and create joy in a person. Forgetfulness, worry, brain fog, intellectual fatigue, temper tantrums, smoking addiction, anxiety, grief, deviousness, fears, etc., are cured beautifully by homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies remove these disorders, and thus health is restored.

  • Homeopathy can be used to treat any psychiatric illness like poor confidence, dwelling on the past, feeling forsaken, jealousy, guilt, phobias, nervousness, and getting easily offended.

  • Homeopathy is used for curing:

    • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression).

    • Thought disorders (schizophrenia, OCD, paranoia).

    • Personality disorders.

    • Deranged emotional states (fear, phobia, stubbornness, emotional numbness, shyness, clinginess, anger, rigidity, rudeness, etc.)

What Can Be Done for a Better Life?

Avoid Stress- Researchers worldwide have found that there is a direct connection between high-stress levels and developing muscle pains, blood pressure, and heart problems. One of the best strategies for the web of negative energy from manifesting is to meditate. Find a calm place, relax, and focus on all problems. This help in normalizing the biochemical state of the body. Strengthen the mind-body connection and manifest good things in life over time. Think positively as it alters lines of thought.

Work Out Regularly- It helps to lower stress and depression, and improves mental and physical health. Mental illnesses are treatable. Medications, therapy, exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and stress management helps alleviate symptoms. By proper management and treatment, one can lead a full productive life.


Homeopathy treats patients as a whole giving more importance to subjective feelings and sensations. Homeopathy can be used for curing a variety of psychological disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and deranged emotional states. Homeopathy is very effective in curing and uprooting mental and emotional imbalances

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Psychological Disorders be Treated Through Homeopathy?

Few psychological disorders like PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), acute stress disorder, and trauma are treated through homeopathy based on few studies. And through clinical approaches, homeopathy therapy relieves many psychiatric problems.


Can mental health be treated Through Homeopathic Medicine?

Through psychological assessment in homeopathy, people can be treated for mental health. Firstly, after the assessment, treatment selection should be based on the homeopathic laws and principles and ongoing analysis with follow-up treatment.


Can Anxiety and Depression Be Treated Through Homeopathy?

Yes, depression and anxiety are treated through homeopathy. Anxiety can be treated naturally through a relatively safe option called homeopathy. It also worked to treat the pinch of panic attacks. Mild anxiety can be treated through homeopathy, but there are still a few side effects. In some people, homeopathy remedies have been used for a long time to treat anxiety. When grief strikes an individual due to personal loss or a break-up in a relationship, immediate homeopathic medicine is mostly given to them. A homeopathic medicine called Natrum muriaticum is usually given to people suffering from a long-standing depression caused due to grief.


What is The Importance of Symptoms in Homeopathy?

Special sensations and peculiar mental symptoms are given primary importance in homeopathic treatment. Because only diseases originate through vital molecular processes, it clearly states that mental and physical symptoms, either subjective or objective type, are the products of these molecular errors. It carefully understands the patient's internal derangement; signs and symptoms are very important in homeopathic studies. And also, which symptom appeared first and the next sequence of the symptom is the next necessary step to follow and understand the disease's evolution process.


Can the personality of an individual be changed through homeopathy?

The personality of an individual can not be changed through homeopathy medicine. But the individual can restore the balance within their personality by following homeopathic remedies.


How Can Bipolar Disorder be Cured Through Homeopathic Treatment?

Bipolar mood disorders can be treated extensively through homeopathic medicine. When homeopathy works significantly on mood disorders, satisfactory results are obtained in an individual. Mood disorders are treated through several homeopathic medicines, which are given to an individual based on the cause of a certain mood disorder. Effective management can be seen in individuals, mainly in the early stages of bipolar disorder, with homeopathy medicine. Good improvements are seen in half of the bipolar disorder patients by Dr.shah at Life Force.


Do Serotonin Levels Increase During Homeopathic Treatment?

A completely different angle is tried to know the deeper cause of the disease origin to treat anxiety and depression under homeopathy. During this treatment, there will be no artificial increase in serotonin levels in the brain; rather, it will mainly concentrate on the underlying problem, which causes the imbalance within the individual. Generally, serotonin is used to relieve nervousness, anxiety, mood swings, joint pains, weakness, drowsiness, itching, and lethargy for a temporary period.


How is BPD (Borderline personality disorder) Cured Under Homeopathy Medication?

Touchiness is the usual symptom seen during BPD. So to manage the sudden emotional episodes in patients of BPD, Valeriana is additionally used in homeopathic medicine. And Sepia is an excellent homeopathic drug used for BPD patients who feel anxious and disturbed for no reason.


How Soon is Anxiety Treated Through Homeopathy?

Eight months to two years is the total treatment duration period for homeopathy. And sometimes, it may extend to a longer duration depending on the following factors: 
 1) duration, i.e., when a patient suffers from an anxiety disorder. 
 2) disease severity.


Name Some Homeopathy Medicine for Anxiety.

Some commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines that treat anxiety are Argentum Metallicum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Thuja Occidentalis, Argentum Nitricum, Arsenicum Album, Gelsemium, Natrum Muriaticum, Syphilinum, Gelsemium, etc.


Is There an Immediate Treatment Through Homeopathy?

It is not true that homeopathy treatment is a slow process; which is purely a myth. But the fact was, it acts as fast as conventional medicines or sometimes even better in acute ailments like fever, acute infections, and diarrhea.


What Things Should an Individual Avoid during Homeopathy Medicines?

When an individual is under homeopathic medicines, they should quit chewing tobacco, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Because of the strong odors and tastes of coffee, garlic, and mint leaves, most doctors advise patients not to take them.


How Psychology Plays an Important Role in Homeopathy?

Psychology plays an important role in homeopathy because these psychological symptoms are important in selecting the correct medicines. For example, physical disease is caused due to mental health. Hence, it is important to determine their mental state, or psychology rarely helps to discover the correct homeopathic medicine.


Is Homeopathy a Permanent Cure?

Homeopathy is a safe, rapid, more scientific, and extremely effective healing method. Moreover, it helps treat the disease from its roots in most diseases, acting as an ultimate and permanent cure. So it is termed the most balanced science concerning health, ailments, and cure.


Can Fear Be Cured Through Homeopathy?

Anxiety can be relieved and cured naturally a relatively safe option. Mild anxiety can be treated enough, even if it has few side effects, and works in a pinch for panic attacks. For some people, long-term treatment is used in homeopathic remedies.
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