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Homeopathic Travel Kit: A List of Remedies to Carry on Your Trip

Published on Dec 19, 2017 and last reviewed on Feb 25, 2022   -  5 min read


You may not find doctors or medical help around whenever you are vacationing at a remote place. In such situations, homeopathy can save your vacation.

Homeopathic Travel Kit: A List of Remedies to Carry on Your Trip


Vacation is a time when you enjoy yourself with your family and friends, but a sick person can ruin the holiday. Most people carry medicines with them while traveling. If you are taking your kids, it is crucial to carry their medication along as well as they are vulnerable to illnesses during long-distance travel.

In this article, I am going to focus on some commonly used homeopathic remedies for common problems that tend to occur during travel. These treatments are useful for people of all ages.

What Homeopathic Medications Can People Carry While Vacationing?

I usually suggest my patients carry these homeopathic remedies with them along with the allopathic medicines.

Following are the homeopathic remedies that would be useful when traveling:

What Are Some Biochemic Remedies Used During Travel??

I usually suggest my patients carry some biochemic remedies during travel as these medicines are very safe and effective for many acute problems. Biochemic remedies are available in tablet form and not in pills or liquid form. You will need to chew these tablets or just keep them in the mouth until they completely dissolve.

Following are the common biochemic remedies that can be used while traveling.

There are many other biochemic remedies, but I would suggest the above two during travel. All these remedies are useful when you have no access to the hospital or general clinic or even if there is a long waiting time at the doctor's clinic. You may just pop these remedies as required until you get access to the doctor.


Vacations sometimes can cause some minor medical ailments such as vomiting, diarrhea, motion sickness, weakness, fatigue, etc., in some people. Whether homeopathic or allopathic medications, carrying some of the basic medications after consulting a physician prior to your vacation might prove beneficial to you or your friends and family.


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25 Feb 2022  -  5 min read




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