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A scar is a mark left on the skin or tissue after the wound has healed. Read the article to know about the various homeopathic remedies for it.

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It is common that people to talk about scars on their bodies. Many people say that they have got the scar due to pimples or after surgery or after pregnancy. Everyone gets scared once in a lifetime. Hence it is a common thing not to get embarrassed. With the advent of technology and science, there are many ways to treat scars.

What Is a Scar?

A scar is basically an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after an injury or wound. Scarring is basically the normal process of wound healing. Scarring takes place when the biological process of wound repair starts on the skin or in the tissue or organs. Scar tissue consists of collagen, a fibrous protein that forms when the body repairs a wound. After an injury, surgery, or any infection, when the scar tissue begins to form, it appears red, raised, and hard to touch. However, over a period of time, the scar tissue flattens, becomes soft, and starts fading. The scarring process might start immediately. However, the time period depends on the type of injury, the depth of the wound, and the skin type of an individual. Sometimes it may take more than a year for a scar to heal completely.

What Are the Types and Causes of Scars?

Hypertrophic Scar - This is a wide, thickened, and raised scar that usually appears after an injury. In normal conditions, scars do appear after an injury. However, a hypertrophied scar is an abnormal response to an injury, where the body cells start producing large amounts of collagen during the healing process. Hence this scar appears to be raised and thickened.

Keloid - Keloids are very similar to hypertrophied scars. Keloids are firm, hard and raised growth of scar tissue, which occurs after an injury, like after trauma, accident, vaccination, post-surgery, body piercing, or due to acne. If something rubs against this scar, they get irritated and become painful. There is a myth that keloid is a sign of cancer; however, that is not true. They are not cancerous, nor do they become cancerous.

Burn Scar - Burn scar occurs after the body part gets affected due to fire or hot surfaces. The skin can get burned by accidentally touching hot surfaces or getting scalded due to contact with hot boiling water. Even chemicals, radiation, excess heat, or electricity can cause a burn. Burn kills the skin cells, and hence in response to this damage to the skin, our body starts producing collagen to repair itself. During the healing process, the skin forms scars, which look like thickened and discolored areas. Some of the burn scars are temporary, while some become permanent.

Atrophic Scar - Atrophic scars are basically sunken and pitted-looking scars. They occur when the underlying structures, like fats and muscles are lost. Hence, the skin is unable to regenerate the underlying tissue. They are commonly seen in severe acne or chickenpox.

Stretch Mark Scar - This type of scar occurs when the skin is rapidly stretched or shrunk, as it happens during pregnancy or during sudden weight gain. Due to sudden changes, the collagen and elastin in the skin rupture. Thus, it forms a scar.

What Are the Homeopathic Remedies for Scars?

There is no specific treatment for getting rid of scars in Western medicine, such as topical ointments, chemical peels, filler injections, laser treatment, and surgery. These treatments are expensive, harsh on the skin, and invasive.

Homeopathy can offer safe and effective treatment for scars. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed by considering an individual's symptoms, pathology, the severity of the scar, and the person's overall physical and mental condition.

Arsenica Album - It is effective in treating acne, especially red-colored pimples that cause a burning sensation. Since the patient may feel restless, applying this treatment offers relief by providing a warmth that will comfort the patient.

Kali Bromatum - It is effective in treating long-standing acne scars and black spots.

Calendula - This is one of the remedies for treating scars, especially burns. If one applies Calendula ointment or do dressing with Calendula ointment at the burn site, one will be less likely to develop a burn scar. Calendula can be taken internally in 6C potency twice a day. This will help to prevent scars, rapidly heal wounds, and prevents further infection.

Thiosinum - This remedy is derived from the oil of mustard seeds. Thiosinum is one of the best remedies for dissolving scar tissue. This remedy acts as a solvent and can be taken internally or used externally on scar tissues. This remedy works best where scars are thickened and contracted, especially after the surgery. Thiosinum 6C can be taken twice a day orally for a month. The ointment can be applied to the scar for a month.

Fluoric Acid - This remedy works well when scars are not properly healed, ulcerated, and in case of scarring. This remedy suits well in case of scarring acne.

Arnica - Arnica ointment works well in treating stretch marks, especially caused during pregnancy. Many patients used it and have seen great results.

Graphites - Graphite is the best homeopathic early-stage keloid where the scar tissue is thickened and firm. This remedy is also well-indicated in recurrent acne. The proper implementation of this remedy in acne can prevent scarring and pitting.

Many people use other natural, home remedies, and supplements for treating scars. For instance, olive oil, vitamin E oil, vitamin C, essential oils, honey, etc. These home remedies do help to reduce the scar and make it less noticeable to others. It is worth trying these remedies as well.

Above mentioned are a few glimpses of remedies that are commonly prescribed for various types of scars. However, several other homeopathic remedies can be given for treating scars and related problems. Avoid self-prescription of the above remedies as inconsistent and frequent use of the above treatments may cause unnecessary effects. It is important to seek help from a good homeopath who will walk best toward the path of cure.


Acne does not present a significant health risk, but leaving it untreated can severely impact an individual's esthetics. In certain circumstances, acne can leave behind scars once the pimples have healed. However, these scars can be prevented by using effective homeopathic medicine for pimples and acne scars. Opting for homeopathic acne treatment is advised as it provides a safer alternative to conventional medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Best Way to Permanently Remove My Scars?

The most invasive type of treatment for a scar is surgery. Scar removal techniques include laser therapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion, injections, and creams. However, the old scars cannot be completely removed.


How Can Scars Be Treated Effectively?

Lasers and other light therapies are increasingly being used as the standard treatment for all types of scars. They can prevent keloids and raised scars. Also, they minimize the appearance of keloids and raised scars that are already present.


How Effective Is Homeopathy at Treating Acne Scars?

Homeopathy treats acne scars by addressing the underlying cause in a gentle and safe manner. Instead of erasing scars, it believes that the body's underlying balance should be restored. After a thorough case study of any accompanying symptoms and a clinical examination, treatment would be started.


What Is the Best Way to Treat Scars Naturally?

Add three drops of lavender essential oil to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Rub the mixture into the scar for about five minutes. For around 30 minutes, leave the oil in place. Repeat the process at least three times a day.


Do Old Scars Completely Disappear?

The truth is that a scar cannot be completely removed once it has formed. You should exercise caution when purchasing any treatment or product that guarantees that your scar will be completely healed.


What Is the Effectiveness of Arnica in Removing Scars?

1.33 ounces of Arnica cream are excellent for burns, surgical scars, traumatic scars, and scars that have hypertrophic or keloid formation. It is made from the Arnica Montana plant and helps to reduce inflammation and pain.


Does Homeopathy Lighten Skin?

Homeopathy is an excellent way to achieve skin softening and skin whitening and to generally improve the condition of the skin. The best thing about choosing a homeopathic skin-lightening treatment is that there are almost no side effects.


What Is the Best Homeopathic Medicine for Clear Skin?

Thuja occidentalis is a homeopathic remedy that is highly effective in treating warts, dry skin, scaly patches, dark spots, freckles, acne, and other skin conditions. Cantharis is used to treat insect bites, skin eruptions, burn blisters, sunburn, and burns.


How Effective Is Homeopathy in Curing Dark Spots on the Face?

The immune system will be strengthened by homeopathic treatment, which targets the source of the issue, and pigmented spots will gradually return to their natural skin color. Homeopathic remedies balance out hormonal imbalances and reduce excessive melanin production.


How Are Scars Classified?

Scars can be classified as,
- Keloid scars.
- Hypertrophic scars.
- Contractures.
- Adhesions.


What Are the Benefits of Vitamin E for Scars?

Burns and other wounds treated with vitamin E heal more quickly. Numerous doctors advise topical vitamin E after skin surgery or resurfacing, and many lay people regularly use it to improve the appearance of scars.
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