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Motion sickness is the most common ailment during long-distance travel. Regularly following homeopathic remedies would help to prevent and cure this problem.

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Motion sickness is commonly seen in children. Usually, children between 5 to 12 years are more susceptible to motion sickness than adults. It would be very stressful to handle your kid during motion sickness, and your journey may become miserable. To avoid the uncomfortable situation and keep your travel safe and full of enjoyment, I would advise you to follow some common homeopathic remedies. These remedies will prevent motion sickness and would help to cure the problem.

Motion sickness may strike in cars, airplanes, the sea, or any mode of transport. It is also called airsickness, seasickness, or car sickness. The most common symptoms of motion sickness are nausea, vomiting, headache, sweating, and general unwell feeling.

What Are the Homeopathic Remedies of Motion Sickness?

Cocculus is the most commonly used remedy if the child complains of nausea and vomiting with a change in sleep pattern. Motion sickness becomes worse in a cold climate. One cannot bear the smell of food. If motion sickness arises due to a disturbance in sleep pattern or lack of sleep, Cocculus is the best remedy. The child will be dull, weak, and can hardly talk.

  • Nux Vomica is another good remedy if motion sickness is present with a feel of hangover and feverishness. If the child feels nauseous all the time but cannot vomit, you can think about Nux Vomica. Along with nausea and occasional vomiting, there will be a lot of belching and sour taste in the mouth. Motion sickness may get worse by eating food or drinks, especially spicy food and coffee. Also, the child will be irritable to the slightest noise or light and will not want to be touched.

  • Sepia is a homeopathic remedy meant for persons who feel light-headed, nauseous, and moody, which is often seen in women and children. Also, nausea gets worse on lying on the left or right side. These problems are always accompanied by a headache. Even the sight of certain foods can intensify nausea, and the person may still want bitter things to avoid motion sickness.

  • Ipecac is also a good remedy for persistent nausea and vomiting during travel. It can be used when constant nausea and vomiting with the paleness of the face and twitching of muscles are present. Also, if you notice the tongue is clean, and the child has persistent nausea and vomiting without much relief from anything, it is time to give Ipecac.

  • Tabacum is less suggested by me for motion sickness. However, this is one of the common remedies for it. Tabacum is indicated when your child develops severe nausea and vomits on the least motion. If nausea and vomiting increase due to smoke, then a couple of doses of this remedy are useful.

  • Arnica is useful when body ache or soreness of the body is present due to motion sickness.

  • Arsenicum Album is a well-known remedy for seasickness. If your child complains of severe burning pain in the stomach due to constant nausea and vomiting, which is relieved by drinking warm or hot water and with a frequent thirst for small sips of water, Arsenicum is most likely an indicative remedy. Mentally, the child will be restless and exhausted. He develops restlessness mainly at night and gets so restless that he does not allow anybody to sleep at night. Not only may your child become tired, but you as a parent will be exhausted by taking care of him.

  • Phosphorus can be indicated as well in motion sickness. However, it should not be your first choice. This remedy can be given when your child develops sudden symptoms of motion sickness. If the child vomits food or water as soon as it gets warm in the stomach and cannot bear warm food or drinks, you can give them Phosphorus. Such children prefer cold food to relieve the pain in the stomach caused due to constant nausea and vomiting.

  • Aconite: Sometimes, kids are afraid of heights, especially while flying. They are so scared and anxious about an airplane that they tend to develop nausea and vomiting. Just a dose of Aconite, a few minutes prior to and during the airplane ride, would help to get rid of the mess.

How Effective Are Homeopathic Medicines Against Motion Sickness?

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicines against motion sickness is good without any side effects. Also, conventional medicines are used to treat motion sickness, but it is to cause drowsiness and other side effects. Thus, improving motion sickness with homeopathic remedies can enhance the quality of life.

  1. They deal with motion sickness by stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

  2. The dosage and other considerations may prevent us from suggesting conventional medicines to children, but homeopathic medicines are safely given to adults and children as they are prepared from plant sources.

  3. Homeopathic medicines are very easy to administer to children as they are available as sweet molecules and of liquid forms.

  4. In addition, the right homeopathic remedy should be chosen for effectively treating motion sickness.

What Are the Lifestyle Changes Needed as per Homeopathy?

Very minute doses of homeopathic treatment are given, and hence certain precautions are needed to maintain its efficiency. They are following some lifestyle and dietary changes as follows.

  1. Be active and get fresh air every day.

  2. If you are traveling, eat lightweight, healthy and nutritious food.

  3. Get at least 2 liters of water a day and hydrate yourself.

  4. Avoid coffee, strong beverages, etc.

  5. Do not eat spicy foods, cheese, onion, and foods with medicinal properties.

  6. Reduce the intake of excess sugar and salt in the diet.

  7. Practice meditation to avoid grief, anger, etc.

  8. Do not stay in uncleaned and damp rooms.

  9. Avoid using strong perfumes.


There is a long list of homeopathic remedies for motion sickness, but the above-mentioned are few of them. The remedies will work if they are strongly indicated. A homeopath must always take the totality of symptoms into consideration to cure the patients.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Prevent Motion Sickness Using Herbs?

Some studies support the use of the herbs ginger, peppermint, and black horehound for nausea and motion sickness. However, ginger is contraindicated if you take blood thinners, and black horehound has been found to interact with Parkinson's medications. Therefore, always talk to a doctor before using them.


Which Homeopathic Medicines Help With Dizziness?

The following homeopathic medications are used to treat dizziness-
- Cocculus Indicus.
- Ambra Grisea.
- Conium Maculatum.
- Gelsemium Sempervirens.
- Argentum Nitricum.
- Ferrum Picricum.


Can Motion Sickness Be Psychological?

Motion sickness may be thought to originate from a neural mismatch where the brain is unable to comprehend the information sent from the eyes, ears, and body. This is usually a basic form of perceptual conflict. It has also been found in a new study that visuospatial training, which means manipulating 3D objects in imagination, might help with motion sickness.


How Does Ginger Help Motion Sickness?

It is believed that ginger may help with motion sickness due to gingerol, which is the main bioactive component of fresh ginger. Some researchers have also found that ginger and its compounds may cause an increased digestive response and speed up stomach emptying, which may help with nausea and vomiting.


Is It Possible to Overcome Motion Sickness?

The symptoms of motion sickness tend to go away on their own once the journey is over or for a maximum of 4 hours after the movement is over. However, people cannot outgrow motion sickness. It just becomes less severe in adults. It can be prevented by taking medications at least 2 hours before the journey starts.


What to Avoid With Homeopathic Medicine?

Generally, it is recommended to refrain from consuming foods and drinks that have intense aromatics or stimulants, such as peppermint and coffee, at the same time when taking homeopathic medication. This is to ensure that the two do not interfere with each other. Always refer to the guidelines provided by your healthcare provider.


How Quickly Can You Expect Homeopathy to Work?

This depends on the specific condition being treated and the severity of the symptoms. For example, acute physical and emotional problems often respond within a few minutes to the correctly chosen homeopathic medicine. But chronic conditions may take a longer time or more frequent dosage. Diet, lifestyle, and the patient’s medical history also play a role in determining how quickly the patient will respond.


Can Motion Sickness Be Cured Permanently?

All the symptoms of motion sickness can be prevented or treated by taking certain medications and home remedies before the start or during the journey, but they cannot be cured permanently.


Does Motion Sickness Get Worse With Age?

Motion sickness does not get worse with age, but it is found to be more common in older adults, children between 2 to 12 years old, women, and those who have migraine headaches.


Can Anxiety Cause Motion Sickness?

Anxiety is found to be a known trigger and contributing factor for motion sickness. It may actually be a bidirectional relationship with anxiety and fear enhancing the severity of motion sickness and vice versa.


Does Homeopathy Have Any Side Effects?

Usually, homeopathic medications have a low risk and no contraindications. However, certain medications are restricted to be sold on a prescription basis to ensure following the proper guidelines provided by the healthcare provider and prevent any problems.
Dr. Sheetal Kamble
Dr. Sheetal Kamble


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