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Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

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Published on Jan 22, 2019   -  4 min read


Safe management and treatment by homeopathy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

There is a myth about homeopathic medicines that they are slow acting, but it is not true. They act within a few minutes to days, depending upon the disease whether it is acute or chronic, and the selection of medicine. If the selected medicine is correct, then it works within minutes and gives relief without disturbing any other system of the body. That is why it is called nature's law of treatment.

Difference Between Suppression and Cure:

Some medicines used for the treatment and management of fever are as follows:

Apis Mellifica:

It is a good medicine for people who have right-sided problems in their body. It is a great pain remedy. It is also good for bag-like swelling under the eyes, burning and stinging pain, redness, swelling, and edema.

It is useful in a fever that causes a person to feel thirsty, and their skin is dry and sweaty. Fever that is intermittent and accompanied with chills and thirst. These symptoms get worse in a warm room and with external heat. Chills are always with dyspnea. One part of the body is cold, and the other part is hot. The chills begin in front of the chest, knees, and abdomen. After the chill stage of the fever, there is sleep and urticaria. There is a strange symptom, which is heat without thirst. The patients want to uncover themselves. After sweating, you might see nettle rash, which is also associated with shuddering.

Arsenicum Album:

The patient may be extremely restless and anxious during fever, they may express fear of death and do not want to be left alone, and always want to be with someone. The affected parts burn as if they are on fire. It is strange, but the pain gets better on hot fomentation. They will be very thirsty and will only be able to drink in small sips, and cannot assimilate water in large quantity. There is too much weakness with a rapid sinking feeling. Vomiting and diarrhea along with fever are extremely common arsenic symptoms. They will be very cold, their face will be pale, and they will have an anxious expression with high temperature. There is a periodicity of fever and also septic fevers with marked weakness. It is also good for hay fever with cold sweats and complete exhaustion. There is delirium during fever, which is worse after midnight around 1 to 2 AM.

Bryonia Alba:

Bryonia alba is very good medicine for fever for people having irritable mood and are inclined to be angry always. There is excessive dryness of mucous membrane, and the body's secretions are diminished. The person drinks not too often but drinks large quantities of water at a time. He is always constipated, and his stools are dry and hard as if burnt. Feeling of heaviness in the chest, cough with gagging and vomiting, and stitching pain in the chest. His or her pulse is full, hard, short, tense, and very quick. Sweating is too much and is sour smelling after slight exertion. Rheumatic fever and typhoid fever are marked by gastrohepatic (liver) complications.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:

Eupatorium is used for fever in which the patient feels too much bone pains. There is bruised feeling all over the body (as if broken). During fever, there is soreness of eyeballs. The patient has vertigo and feels like he is falling to the left. There is pain in the chest while coughing. Severe bone pains before and during the chill stage of fever. There is insatiable thirst before and during chills. The patient wants cold water, although it brings on violent chills.

Gelsemium Sempervirens:

Gelsemium is for children, young people, and women with nervousness. There is diarrhea, weakness, and trembling of limbs during fever. The heat of the sun or summer is unbearable. Headaches start from the base of the brain, which is relieved after urination. There is a lack of muscular coordination and weakness. Complete relaxation of muscles (paralysis). There is chill without thirst. Body aches and exhaustion, and the neck and shoulder muscles are painful. The patient is sleep deprived and exhausted, and his eyelids, head, and limbs feel heavy. There is a great trembling and weakness of all limbs. Muscles feel bruised, sore, dull, and heavy backache. There is tiredness of the whole body with least exertion during fever.

Nux Vomica:

Along with fever, there is a frequent ineffectual desire to defecate. This medicine is good for jealous persons, who are malicious and irritable. The patient feels cold during fever and also over-sensitiveness. There is heavy pressure in the stomach pit after eating. The cold stage always dominates, and fever paroxysms start in the morning mostly. There is excessive rigor, blueness of finger-nails, pain in limbs and back, and gastric symptoms. The patient feels cold and must be covered in every stage of fever. The sweat smells sour, and sometimes, sweating is only on one side of the body.

Rhus Toxicodendron:

Rhus tox is good when there is great physical and mental restlessness during fever. Patients are too sensitive to open air. It is good for muscle sprains, and there is straining of a single part of the body with joint stiffness in fever. They may be anxious, weepy, and the fever gets worse at night. The color of the tongue might become red. People in this state may have a fear of being poisoned. Intermittent fever with a dry cough and restlessness. The patient is cold as if cold water is poured over them.

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