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Ayurvedic Lifestyle - Dinacharya

Published on Jun 20, 2016 and last reviewed on Feb 07, 2022   -  4 min read


Dinacharya means our daily routine from sunrise to sunset. We have to follow our lifestyle as per ancient Ayurveda to live a long healthy life.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle - Dinacharya


The main motto of Ayurveda is Swasthasya syasthya rakshanam and Aturasya vikara prasamanam. It means to keep a person's health properly and cure the person who is diseased. Ayurveda has mentioned how to start our day and what things we have to follow to keep ourselves healthy. This is known as ayurvedic dinacharya. If we follow our daily lifestyle as per Ayurveda, then we can keep ourselves healthy. It helps to prevent disease, as prevention is better than cure.

What Are the Steps of Dinacharya?

Dinacharya recommends the following steps.

One of the popular methods of cleansing is Vastra dhauti. It refers to the method of cloth cleansing.

What Are the Benefits of Vastra Dhauti?

Vastra dhauti leads to strong reflexes in the throat and chest regions. The practitioner has to voluntarily control the sensation to vomit, which, as a result, tones the autonomic nervous system. The mucus from the chest is made a little watery and then expelled while the bronchial tubes’ muscles relax. According to Ayurveda, the chest and stomach are the seats of the mucus particles or the kapha dosha. Cleaning all these areas with clean cloth eliminates excess kapha, relieving all the related issues. This practice also provides balance to the pitta dosha, bile element, alleviating biliary diseases, and alleviating the upper gastrointestinal tract function.

Ayurveda has several types of diets and food mixing up suggestions to help increase the digestive capacity. Acquiring knowledge about your own framework and state of balance will help you strongly decide which dietary choices are good for you.

This is what our ancient Ayurveda insists on, to live a long healthy life.


Unfortunately, all of us are busy at work. We are not following the correct timing for food. We are also eating large quantities of fast food. Sometimes, due to heavy workload, we are skipping food and sleep. If we wish to live a long healthy life, then we must follow our dinacharya.

Live a long healthy life by following a proper daily routine.

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