Q. What can be done for tonsillitis associated with cough and fever?

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Dr. Sheetal Nanji Dama
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Hello doctor,

I am a 40-year-old male. I have been suffering from tonsillitis and fever for the last five days. I took antibiotics to treat my painful tonsillitis and fever and the antibiotic showed a very bad reaction. I developed skin rashes on my chest and around my nose.

Whenever I have anything that has a cold base like coconut water (or coconut), curd, cardamom or any other fruits I develop tonsillitis. Last week, I ate cardamom by mistake, and all that broke loose for me the next day morning. And since then I am really suffering a lot. Could you please help me with my current situation of tonsillitis and fever? After the onset of tonsillitis, I started to cough also.



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Yes sure, you will be ok definitely.

Take these medications,

Sulfur 1m five pills one dose only. Belladonna 30 five pills in the morning, noon, evening, and night. Biocombination No.10 four tablets in the morning, noon, evening and night (in more pain you can repeat tablets at intervals of one to two hours also). Give follow up after one week along with medicines.

Gargle with water add salt and turmeric powder five to six times a day. Drink warm water add turmeric powder if you like that taste. One spoon warm mixture of ginger juice, turmeric powder, honey three to four times a day. Warm milk with turmeric powder and ginger powder. Have a good day.

Thank you doctor,

I would let you know about the improvement after a week.



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Home remedies and other remedies will help for fast recovery.

Thanks for Your help ma'am. I am fine now.
# That's good.
Continue medicines for one week if your Complaints are not gone completely.

If ok completely then stop medicines.
The Probable causes:


Investigations to be done:

No need

Dear Ma’am,
First of all, I thank you for your help provided for my tonsil problems.

Today, I am writing to seek your advice on my mother’s health. She is 59 years of age. She suffers from Thyroid and High Blood Pressure and for these two ailments she takes the allopathic medicines.

She easily gets stressed on several situations of life.

Nowadays, she is getting little feverish and catching cold. She feels weak as well.
Actually weakness is kind of her constant problem. We give her allopathic vitamins but then she complains of flatulence and belching so we stop. Earlier we thought that the weakness could be due to thyroid but now when thyroid is under control she still complains of weakness.

I would be really grateful if you could help her with her weakness.


Neeraj Kumar
# sure, will suggest you medicines soon
will ask details if I need for weakness and cold
First of all, I am extremely sorry ma’am for not being able to reply to your earlier mail. But the reason is that I didn’t receive your earlier communication on 11th July. I myself was kind of surprised as to why you didn’t send any message. It could have happened due to some technical glitch I guess.

Anyways,here is the details on my mom’s situation:

Yes cold and feverish problem is daily. Though thermometer shows reading under 96°F. She sneezes for at least 10-15 times at one go. And yes she suffers from body ache with weakness.

As I had written to you earlier also, she suffers from Thyroid and High Blood Pressure problem for which she takes allopathic medicines to keep them under control.

# ok, will suggest you medicines .
might be she is having heat inside body.
Thanks a lot ma'am I would let you know about the situation of my mother after one week.
# sure
Hello ma'am,

Actually ma'am my mother complained of heart burn and flatulence after having first 5 pills of Arsenic Alb 3. And that is why she could not continue the medicine. The thing is that my mom has been suffering from flatulence problem for long. She even can't eat bananas and curd at the times of lose motions. She has this regular complaint of acidity.'am thanks for your help...i would try to persuade her to have the medicines once her acidity and stomach bloating problem comes under control. Though we are giving her the allopathic capsules for flatulence ...I guess it would take some more days to come under control.


Neeraj Kumar
# homeopathic can't harm our body.
but if you have doubt then no remedy for doubt.

for acidity and flatulence you can give her
- Asafoetida 3x or 6x 3 tablates in morning noon evning and night.
- Lycopodium 30 5 pills in morning and evening
- Carbo veg 30 5 pills in noon and night.

once her digestion will improve she will be ok soon.
Last time I asked for other complaints you didn't tell about this. anyways you start above mentioned medicines.

allopathic will not give relief for long term.

Alfalfa mother tincture will help for digestion improvement with recovery from weakness and all. Continue with these medicines.

stop arsenic alb.

give follow up after 15 Days, and if any changes then inbetween you can give follow up.

have a good day.
Hello ma'am,

I do agree that I missed to mention about her acidity and flatulence problem when you asked about other complaints and by the time I realized my mistake it was late...and I then thought that next time I would mention it. So, your anger is right ma'am.

The thing is that in recent past my mom had to be taken to hospital in the middle of night due to this acidity problems and on one occasion she started vomiting profusely also that is why she now fears to experiment with medicines. Actually ma'am, I had consulted one homoeopathic doctor in my city and he had given a whole host of medicines but the acidity problem of my mother didn't improve and last year she had to be admitted in the night after the vomiting bouts and that's why she gets afraid even at very tiny acidity episode.

One more thing is that my mother suffers from depression and in such cases fear psychosis kind of things are also there. Once the fear gets instilled it takes time to get out of fear. Through counseling we try to get her out of her frame of mind. Actually...she has suffered too much in life due to many uncontrollable factors of life and these problems of acidity and depression are just manifestations of the battles lost in life.

I once again assure you ma'am that there is no ill will against homoeopathy in her mind, she even fears allopathic medicines that cause adverse effects to her body.

Thanks a lot ma'am for recommending medicines for my mother's acidity ailment .
# give her only one dose of Natrum Mur 1m 5 pills ( after 15 days of sulphur dose )

in homeopathic for chronic Complaints we need head to toe details with nature, food cravings, aversion, sleep, urine, bowel, fear for what, anxiety specific for what, thaughts, acidity flatulence by which food, acidity flatulence when increase decrease and events of life etc
all are important equally with symptoms.

she will be ok definitely for Acidity and flatulence. just start medicines.
Yes,I do understand ma'am that you needed a complete detail of patient. I provided you only superficial details but I thought that it would be enough. From next time I would keep this in mind.

Thanks for your precious advice.


Neeraj Kumar
# every time we don't need details, for first time only needy.

start those medicines, next follow up do with all details so I can know her as a person.
Her gastric problem has improved with the last time's medicines that you had prescribed. So, she is doing fine now. Thanks a lot for your advice ma'am.

I want to take your advice on one of my problems. Actually, I have problem of receding gums. My lower front side two teeth is exposed and has sensation. Gums don't bleed and there is no foul smell either. But dentists say that my teeth can come off the gums after 3-4 years. If I could get your medical advice on my this problem...I would be really grateful.


Neeraj Kumar
# for your mom
continue with Asafoetida and Lycopodium, alfalfa mother tincture medicines.

stop carbo veg. give Lycopodium three times.
give up to 21 days and give follow up.

for you will suggest you medicines later on, if I need details will ask.
Ok...Thanks ma'am!
# welcome
Thanks a lot ma'am for your advice...i will start the medicine from tomorrow and would let you know about my gum situation after 15 days.
# sure
Dear Ma’am

I had started Kali Phos 6x on 20th of August. My first impression was not good as I started having mind pain in my right side of stomach. I kept on having the medicine but the pain didn’t go. Then I started having feeling of heaviness around my eyes and around my nose with little tingling sensation. At one point the heaviness with tingling gets more heavier and I feel like choking. Is it any side effects of the medicine. I have stopped taking the medicine.

Please help.

Neeraj Kumar
# no it's not because of medicines.
still if you have dobut then stop that medicine, will suggest you another medicine for receeding gums.

currently what are the symptoms?
As I told you I am having tingling sensation and heaviness around my eyes and my nose and after few minutes this heaviness increases to a level that I feel like choking. When I massage my head and areas around my eyes and nose then this tingling sensation and heaviness subsides for a while but then again it gains intensity. These symptoms are persisting for last two three days. I got bit scared so thought to talk to you about it.
# any puffiness around eyes?
difficult movements of eyelids?
blood pressure?
nasal congestion?
difficult swallowing?
choking whole day?
feels good in fresh air?
any other medicines you took? allopathic?
redness in eyes?
Any puffiness around eyes?: No

difficult movements of eyelids? :No

blood pressure?: I take allopathic medicines for blood pressure and It is under control.
cold?: No

nasal congestion? :No

difficult swallowing? :No

choking whole day? Not whole day but only when the tingling sensation and heaviness increases I feel that I am feeling it difficult to breath from my nose. And this situation remains for a second or two.

feels good in fresh air?: Yes

any other medicines you took? allopathic? No

redness in eyes? No
# Ok, thanks for details.
Will suggest you medicines soon
Thanks ma'am for the advice.
# welcome, whenever you start give follow up next day I mean in completion of 24 hours intake of medicines.

have warm water.
warm water massage.
Dear ma'am,

After the Kali Phos episode, I got really scared,so didn't try the medicine suggested by you. I let the effects of Kali Phos wear off and now I am completely fine. Actually, ma'am in my life I have suffered many times side-effects(reactions) of allopathic medines that is why I was scared to take Belladonna 30 and since I didn't take the medicine I was feeling a bit hesitant to talk to you.

As far as my mother's flatulence problem is concerned, It was under control but for last two days, she is complaining of gas as for last two days her medicines have finished and I forgot to bring it. So,it is entirely my mistake. One more thing she feels relief when she takes both Lycopodium and Carboveg, though you have stopped Carboveg but she says that she feels good after having both medicines. . Ma'am I couldn't get the Asafoetida tabs,here they gave me the mother tincture of Asafoetida but this medicine doesn't work very well with my mother. She complains of burning sensation in stomach after having Asafoetids drops.
Moreover, she is having Alfalfa mother tincture along with the Lycopodium and Carboveg.


Neeraj Kumar
# it's ok for belladonna.
but don't worry homeopathic can't harm you.

Stop Asafoetida mother tincture.
continue with
- Carboveg 30 in morning and night.
- Natrum Mur 1m one dose only ( no repeatation )
- Alfalfa mother tincture.

I have changed doses , so let me know after 15 days.

her mental changes also I need.
Thanks for your advice ma'am. I would let you know after 15 days.

Neeraj Kumar
# welcome.
have a good days ahead.
Dear Ma'am,

Extremely sorry to be replying late. My mother's flatulence problem is completely under control. Thanks for your help.

Neeraj Kumar
# good, continue alfalfa mother tincture for one month.
- carbo veg 30 once in a day. ( repeat doses in extreme discomfort ) continue for one month.
- Natrum Mur 1m one dose today and one dose after 15 days.

just update me about her anxiety, calmness, depressed feeling and all
Dear ma’am,

I am attaching two pages of blood report of my mother. I would like to have your advice on the report. If any homoeopathic intervention can be made to improve the liver functioning (though I don’t think that there is anything alarming yet I am not a doctor) . So, I would like your advice on both of the reports.
Neeraj Kumar
# sure, will check and revert as soon as possible.
I am not being able to attach the Blood report files from 'Browse Files' button. Pls help!
# currently symptoms?
what Dr said for these report?
what medicines dr have prescribed?
I have not visited any doctor yet. Actually, my mother is on thyroid medicine so along with the thyroid test I got done all other tests also. I am writing below her T3,T4 and TSH findings.
T3: 123 Reference Range: 60-200
T4: 11.1 Reference Range :4.5-12
TSH: 0.85 Reference Range :0.3-5.5

Her Vitamin D is 22.31 Reference (Insufficiency 20-30)

Now she complains of weakness and backache yes some times she complains of dizziness also.

Neeraj Kumar
# ok, will read everything and revert you.

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