Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine, which uses plants and minerals to help the body heal itself. It is used to treat many health conditions like allergies, depression, migraines, arthritis, bruises, scraps, headaches, cold, cough, and premenstrual syndrome.

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Can vitiligo be treated with homeopathic medicine?

Query: Hello doctor,Vitiligo observed in forehead near eyebrows just a month ago. Eyebrows hairs have also turned white. There is no itchiness there. There was no patch before one month. Also, there is no history of vitiligo in my entire family and ancestors. Please suggest if it can be treated and how?  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I am very glad to answer your query. Since it is the beginning of the problem, it should not be very difficult to get rid of that. In order to treat such skin disorder, usually, it is important to understand the complete picture of the patient which includes mental, emo...  Read Full »

Please recommend a homeopathic medicine to lose my post-pregnancy weight.

Query: Hello doctor, I am dealing with the post-pregnancy weight of 109 kg. My upper and lower abdomen both are heavy and thighs as well as arms too. Please recommend me a homeopathic medicine to lose my weight fast.  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. The best and safe homeopathic remedy to lose weight in your case would be Natrum Phos two tablets twice a day before meals for one month. No need to swallow the pills. Keep them over the tongue, and they will get dissolved within a few minutes. This remedy is safe to...  Read Full »

I feel exhausted after masturbation. What can Homeopathy offer me to stay healthy?

Query: Hello doctor,I have some health issues that I would like to address. I have depression, fatigue, low energy, tiredness, and red eyes when I wake up, and I feel exhausted after masturbation. I have a history of masturbating for eight to nine years since I was 12 years old. The first few years, I was ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I understand that you are concerned about various health issues, and it seems most of the symptoms are related to over masturbation. Masturbation at the teenage is prevalent. Homeopathy has a vast number of remedies to heal this issue. However remember that masturbatio...  Read Full »

My son has concentration problem. What homeopathy medicine can I give him?

Query: Hi doctor, My son is 15 years and medium built. He recently has some concentration problem. What homeopathy medicine can I give him? Please suggest the recommended dose. Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. It is essential to understand the cause of a concentration problem. Based on the limited information provided here I can think of a few remedies. If your son has taken too much stress of his studies and due to which he is not able to perform well or unable to concentra...  Read Full »

Can homeopathic medicine for anal fissure aggravate pain?

Query: Hello doctor, I have an anal fissure. I am taking homeopathy for the past 25 days. It worked for the first 20 days, but for the past five days, my pain has increased significantly. Is it homeopathy aggravation or something else?  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com Can you please mention the name of the homeopathic remedy taken? The increased pain after an immense relief can be due to two reasons. The first, the given remedy acted superficially hence you noticed immediate relief. However, since the action of remedy is not comple...  Read Full »

Can I give Natrum Phos to a 3-month-old for acid reflux?

Query: Hi doctor, My baby is 2.5 months old. He used to spit up a lot so we switched him to Enfamel AR formula. After that he stops vomiting but still spits up through mouth and nose almost once after every feed and whenever he does he wakes up from sleep and screams for few minutes. Spitting up bothers h...  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Natrum Phos is a good remedy for babies suffering from acid reflux related problems. You can continue giving him one tablet twice a day (one in the morning and one at night). You will be able to see the gradual improvement in next 4 to 5 days. If your baby does not sett...  Read Full »

Which homeopathic medicine can be given to prevent dengue fever?

Query: Hello doctor, My son is 6 years old and weighs 24.4 kg. He develops common cold quite often. I am also worried as dengue is spreading around my community and I would like to give him some medication which is preventive in nature. I would like to know what is the best medicine regime for my son to p...  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Eupatorium mother tincture is definitely a good choice of preventive remedy for dengue. You may give him 5 to 7 drops of this remedy mixed in half a cup of water once a day as a preventive medicine. If he has milder symptoms of fever or body ache then it can be taken...  Read Full »

Please suggest homeopathic medicine for acne, pores, and excess oil.

Query: Hello doctor, Actually, I have a combination skin and I seriously do not get what should I use for my face to remove excess oil and get rid of acne and open pores. Will you please suggest me a good face cleanser and a cream too? And, one more thing that should I use any bleach or not?  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I am glad to answer your query. Berberis Aquifolium is one of the good remedies for skin conditions. You can purchase Berberis Aquifolium mother tincture. Use 15 drops of mother tincture in half cup of water, stir it well and apply all over your face twice a day (mo...  Read Full »

I am suffering from brown pigments all over the face. Kindly look into it.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 27 year old female, married with a baby. From last month, I am suffering from unwanted mole/brown reddish pigment all over the face. It is not itching but spreading very rapidly and completely destroyed my beauty. I am really worried about this. I used Dr. Reckeweg 23 drops from...  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I looked at the photos (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and it seems like small, mole or wart-like lesions. Kindly stop Dr. Reckeweg drops. I suggest you take Thuja 200C three drops in one teaspoon of water or four pills under your tongue once a day for...  Read Full »

The shine and glow has disappeared from my face due to tension. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, There is darkness around my mouth and forehead also. And my total shining of the face is gone. But before five months, I was alright. But due to continuous crying and tension, shining disappeared. Please tell me what should I eat.  Read Full »

Dr. Sheetal Kamble

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. It seems you are going through some stress, which is causing this problem. That stress needs to be addressed. Based on whatever limited information you have provided, I will suggest you following - Take Sepia 200c single dose (no repetition). Single dose means fo...  Read Full »

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