Can ayurvedic medicines taken for GERD cause any complications?

Q. Will ayurvedic medicines taken for GERD cause any complications?

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Hello doctor,

Due to my lifestyle and obesity, I had been suffering from acidity and GERD from last 10 years and was having Pantacid, Sompraz-D regularly once in a day. Everything was normal other than acid reflux at times which was manageable. I had changed my lifestyle drastically with pure vegetarian, part meals, daily walk, etc. I reduced weight from 240.30 to 220.46 Ibs in five months. I have decided to get rid of the modern medicine which gives me only an temporary relief. I have consulted an Ayurvedic doctor and started having Vasaguluchayadi Kashayam, Amrithotharam, Acidact tablets and Trivridh Lehyam. Everything was fine as usual.

After two weeks, I got a severe cough and cold, further to that my acidity went high to an unusual level with a severe ear and neck pain. And also my esophagic pain was more than ever. I had all my blood test and abdomen scans done but they were absolutely normal. Even my cholesterol levels have come in to control. When checked with my doctor, he says my condition is improving a lot. But I have a lot of deposits in my body which will be removed during the process. May be because of that I am having the pain. Can you please let me know if I have something to worry? Will symptoms usually aggravate in Ayurveda treatment? But I have a great value for Ayurveda. My only worry is, the problems now I am facing are actually life threatening. I did not ever have ear and neck pain when I was having allopathy medicine.



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I just read your query. See all the medicines you are taking are good for your problem. The ear pain and neck pain due to a cough and cold can be due to a generalized infection of upper respiratory tract infection or any other cause. See as your all investigations are normal. It can only be an assumption if there is no clear cause. As long as these Ayurvedic medicines are concerned, you can take them under the supervision of your Ayurvedic physician because these generally do not cause any trouble to the patient.

Thank you doctor,

I have missed mentioning that my cough and cold had long gone after starting Amrithotharam. Now existing is only the ear and back neck pain (until the esophagus). I am also having a wound like pain down in my left side of the throat from where pain radiates to the shoulders and back of the chest. But I do not have problems in swallowing. Appetite is also good, rather I have restricted my food quantity. I have a little difficulty of hoarse voice also. In allopathy so far, I did not have any complications like these. But for the past two weeks, I am suffering from so many issues. I am keen to know whether the effects are the outcome of the cleansing process? If yes, I will wait for the symptoms to come down.



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Yes, these symptoms can be due to the cleansing process. See Amrithotharam and Trivrit lehyam both have laxative properties. Trivrit lehyam at times can be harsh purgative. As mentioned by you that you are facing excessive trouble after taking these medications. I advise you to stop taking Trivrit lehyam. You can also consult your Ayurvedic physician regarding this. Hopefully, your symptoms will improve. If not improved within a week, then you have to stop taking Amrithotharam and switch to other formulation for gastric problem. Vasaguluchyadi kashayam is helpful in improving appetite and act as a liver tonic too. You can continue it.

Acidact tablet contains Pushkarmool and Eranda. Eranda can sometimes cause a problem of loose stool. If you feel this problem or any other trouble you think, then stop taking it, otherwise, you can take it. I advise you to take it for four weeks only in continuity. After that re-evaluate your condition with your physician and only then start it again.

For excessive pain in the back of your throat which can be due to acidity, take syrup Himcocid two teaspoons with water after food for two to three times a day for five days. After that, you can take it whenever you need. If there is also external neck pain then you can take Mahanarayan oil and do gentle massage with it two times a day. If there is no infection or pus in the ear, you can make garlic oil for your ear at home. Take some sesame oil around one tablespoon and chop one clove of garlic. Pour this oil in a pan and heat it and then add chopped garlic in it, cook the garlic in it on medium flame till it turns brown. Keep on pressing the garlic while frying. The resulting mixture results in the formation of garlic oil. When the oil cools down, put five drops of this oil in each ear. Use this twice a day for five days. It will help in improving ear pain. Use the oil when there is no infection in the ear. In case of any infection, pus discharge or injury, etc., do not use this oil.

Thank you doctor,

I have consulted the doctor regarding Trivridh lehyam but he asked me to continue since it is required for my condition. However, I have reduced it to half the quantity now. I had a doubt that my body weight is decreasing and I have weighed myself in his clinic itself. To my shock, my weight has decreased from 101.2 kg to 95.50 kg within a month's time. My weight was, of course, reducing @ 2 kg monthly since last few months. I was okay with that since I have reduced my intake and modified to vegetables and little bit of starch removed rice and walking too. But it had never been so low in a month's time. I was also feeling a little dizzy and fatigue for about 3 to 4 days.

When asked, my doctor said it may be due to I am having all alkaline diet and walking regularly and also due to medicine. Comparing all the reports, other than my hemoglobin count was a little low on the border line in all, everything else was fine he said. I have no reason to worry. When I asked him about my dizziness (my calfs are cramping at nights, sleepy in the day, little tired), he said it may be due to my deficiency in hemoglobin and suggested me to take some Iron tablets from modern medicine if required. I am taking a multivitamin tablet now. Also having a glass of milk boiled with turmeric in the nights. Despite having Manasamithram vatakam two pills in the night. I am having a sleep disorder due to my fear about my health (always thinking why this medicine is reacting like this? Are we on the right track or not? Why weight goes so low? Why I am feeling weak? Will I die of any non curable disease? Please tell me how dependable is Ayurvedic for GERD. If I would have gone for allopathy, I would have gone through an endoscopy (of which I am afraid) and a course of medicine and would have been back to normalcy. I started taking this medicine since a month. Everything was fine until 15 days. After that, I am getting issues one by one. But I am very strictly following my diet and life style. What time will an Ayurvedic medicine take to change my condition? Finally, I have a big faith on Ayurvedic. But my suffering is leading me to wrong assumptions. Please give me a way out of it.



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I just read your query and saw all your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). I will clear all your doubts one by one. First of all, the cause behind weight loss can be due to diet shift. Moreover, if you are walking daily, then walking and other physical activities decrease weight. Some weight is also losing due to medicines as they have a little bit of laxative properties. So many factors are contributing towards weight loss. See weight loss is harmful when it is associated with some disease like tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, etc. As your all blood reports are normal and you have changed your diet, lifestyle and doing physical activity, that is why your weight has reduced. Also, your appetite and digestion are normal. So, do not worry as long as you are healthy and under the supervision of your doctor.

Another thing about weight is you can calculate your BMI. BMI is body mass index. This is usually calculated to see whether your weight is in proportion with your height. It is calculated by the formula, weight in kilograms divided by height in meter square. Normal BMI is between 19.5 to 24.9. So calculate the range. If it is below 19.5 improve diet. If it is more than 24.9 then reduce some more weight but in a healthy manner. I hope it clarifies your this doubt.

Next thing about fatigue, tiredness, dizziness and improper sleeping pattern. See as you are having disturbed sleeping pattern it can also lead to tiredness, fatigue, etc. All the time. As your doctor said minor hemoglobin changes can also lead to this. This is not a serious issue. Also, thinking about that what if you died with or without any disease will not improve your future. You cannot control your future and the things which will happen in the future. So there is no point in wasting time. This thing is only increasing your anxiety level. Anxiety also worsens the problem of acidity. Mind and body are connected. One thing is effecting other thing. So, either start doing meditation for irrelevant thoughts. If you are not able to control unnecessary thoughts. Go for some sessions of counseling. It can help you in controlling unnecessary thoughts and improve your sleep. Adopt new hobbies, learn new things, spend time with family and friends and with people whom you like. Find happiness in small things. Admire your self daily when you wake up. Admire your surroundings.

If after endoscopy you took antacid and condition improved. Then why did you feel the need to take medicine again even if it is Ayurvedic? It can be due to worry. Hurry, worry and curry are broadly the main causes behind excessive acidity. Eating food hurriedly, worrying excessively and curry means spicy food. So, the worry is again one of your cause. So stop worrying too much. I hope you are understanding my point what I am trying to say. Take your treatment regularly and positively. If you do not find proper results then you can switch to allopathic medicines. There is not an issue. It is not a life-threatening problem. So do not panic and try to enjoy your life.

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