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About "Diabetes yoga"

Certain yoga poses can help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and it also improves blood circulation in the body. Practicing yoga regularly also reduces the risk of diabetes complications and maintains heart health. It is believed that yoga poses stretch the pancreas, which stimulates the production of insulin. You can try doing the following poses:


  • Reclining bound angle pose – This pose helps calm the nervous system and reduces stress, which helps lowering blood pressure and sugar.
  • Legs-up-the-wall pose – It helps lower stress levels and increases circulation.
  • Seated forward bend – It promotes weight loss, reduces blood pressure, and relieves anxiety.
  • Bow pose – This helps stimulates the organs in the abdomen and lowers blood pressure.
  • Upward-facing dog – This pose boosts circulation and promotes weight loss.


Consult a yoga specialist to know about the proper method to practice these poses.

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