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Water purified by exposing it to the sun is called solarized water or sun-charged water. Read the article to know more.

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What Is Chromotherapy?

A simple way of applying color to the body is by using solarized water, which is also called sun-filtered or sun-charged water, and drinking sun-charged water kept in colored glass bottles has various benefits. When exposed to sunlight, water in a colored container absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular color. This solarized water can be used for drinking or bathing. This type of alternate remedy is called color therapy or chromotherapy.

How Can Solarized Water Be Prepared?

It is very straightforward to solarize or invigorate water. One should have,

  1. A plain and shaded glass bottle.

  2. Wooden rack.

  3. Mineral water or spring water.

To create solarized water, follow these rules and standard operating procedures:

  1. A bottle of the desired color should be washed and cleaned properly.

  2. Water should be filled until the neck of the bottle.

  3. The bottle then has to be placed on a wooden rack outside in an open space, where sun rays fall legitimately on the container.

  4. The bottle should be left out ideally for two to three days. But if needed urgently, it can be charged for eight hours.

  5. Contingent on how hot the climate is, in summer, the procedure of light assimilation should just take two or three hours, and in winter, it might be important to leave the bottles throughout the day.

Oils can likewise be stimulated by utilizing a similar strategy. Oils can be used for kneading; however, do not drink them.


  • Adults - 60 ml or 2 ounces.

  • Children - 30 ml or 1 ounce.

In emergencies, the measurement can be increased.

How Does Chromotherapy Impact Our Health?

Water solarized in differently colored bottles has a specific health impact.

Blue-Solarized Water:

  • Purifies the blood.

  • Cures boils, ulcers, varicose veins, shingles, and sleep disorders.

  • Alleviates pain.

  • Calms skin rashes in chickenpox and measles.

  • Cures rheumatism and joint pain.

  • Eczema.

  • It helps discharge fears and soothes the mind.

  • Aids in wound healing. Wash the wound first, and then drink the water.

Yellow-Solarized Water:

  • Good for students, as it helps them focus and study. It makes the person sharp and improves thinking and concentration.

  • Laxative effect.

  • Diuretic effect.

  • It helps in weight loss. Take water charged in a yellow bottle 30 minutes before eating.

  • Helps with urinary conditions.

  • Cleanses the skin after removing cosmetic products.

Red-Solarized Water:

  • Soothes, itching, and other symptoms of chilblains, which are red and swollen skin due to the cold climate.

  • Help get rid of sleepiness and laziness. Drink water charged in a red bottle during the first part of the day to stay alert.

  • It helps to stay warm on a cold day. Drink the water in the morning.

  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Green-Solarized Water:

  • Eases stress.

  • It can be used to bring down blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

  • It strengthens the immune system and boosts immunity.

  • Drinking green-solarized water helps to reduce anger or anxiety.

Orange-Solarized Water:

  • It improves digestion and is good for gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Relieves abdominal cramps and other symptoms of menstruation.

  • It is good for muscle cramps and strain.

  • It might help overcome sorrow or grief.

How Does Solarized Water Influence the Seven Chakras?

The vibrations (energy) of color are used to balance the physical and emotional states. Color is energy, which is required by all cells in the body to function. Different colors vibrate at different frequencies that complement the Chakras (energy centers). Candace Pert, a medical researcher, found that the seven Chakras are especially rich in neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are natural healers found in the body. Balancing these Chakras with the help of solarized water might help with various mental and physical illnesses.

What Is Rainbow Color Therapy?

This therapy depends on the beneficial outcomes of utilizing color on the complementary Chakras for therapeutic purposes to adjust the body's recuperating powers. If the Chakras are blocked or not balanced, the person becomes susceptible to diseases. With the use of specific color rays, beams can be consumed by the Chakras and reestablish their essentialness.

The word Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. The Chakras are said to be bright, colorful wheels that run along the spine from the base to the head. The wheels' size and brightness are associated with a person's growth and development, state of being, health conditions, stress, and energy. The colors of the Chakra wheel are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. One can drink or inhale colors, as mentioned in the sacred ancient Indian text. It is a deep-rooted treatment, classified in the Atharva Veda as Surya Kiran Chikitsaa, healing with sun rays.

What Impact Does Rainbow Color Therapy Have On Our Chakras?

  • Violet Bottled Water - Crown of the Head (Thought): The crown Chakra oversees the mind and pineal organ that secretes melatonin. Any imbalance can result in sadness, misery, nervousness, disarray, and lack of care. Violet is related to spiritualism, faithfulness, and love. The utilization of violet color can be calming, promotes sleep, and prevents sleep disorders.

  • Indigo Bottled Water - Above Eyebrows (Light): The forehead Chakra controls the eyes, sinuses, and pituitary gland. When out of balance, one may encounter uncertainty, disarray, bad dreams, and helpless understanding. Indigo also has connections to eagerness, mental fortitude, authority, and calmness. It is additionally related to otherworldliness, devotion, and love. It builds understanding and supports elevated instincts.

  • Blue Bottled Water - Voice Box (Sound): The throat Chakra controls the voice, endocrine organs, thyroid, and communication. It identifies with truth, respectability, tranquility, spiritualism, care, and generosity. It is related to confidence, mindfulness, harmony, and constancy.

  • Green Bottled Water - Heart (Air Component): The heart Chakra oversees the heart and thymus. It reflects development, recuperation, sacrificial love, serenity, concordance, and expectation. It represents tranquility and calms the nerves. It is best used during times of emotional stress.

  • Yellow Bottled Water - Solar Plexus (Fire Component): The spleen Chakra oversees the liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines. It represents persistence, resistance, satisfaction, joy, profoundness, and mental vitality. It is related to new horizons, sharpness, and achievement.

  • Orange Bottled Water - Abdomen (Water Component): The sacral Chakra oversees the uterus, large intestine, prostate, ovaries, and testicles. It is an empowering color that represents purity, virtue, fellowship, and women's sensuality. It helps people who are depressed and prevents mood swings.

  • Red Bottled Water - Root (Earth Component): The base Chakra oversees one's underlying foundations and individual endurance. It is related to blood circulation, blood pressure, inspiration, vitality, imperativeness, vitality, force, and inventiveness. It reflects resolution, life, and mental fortitude. It is an enthusiastic and empowering color and expels toxins.

What Is Meant by Hydro Color Therapy?

  • Hydro color therapy also called hydro chromotherapy combines water and color, and helps in the effective transmission of the color onto and into the body. Water acts as a powerful transmitter of energy, and can be used as a natural way to transmit color energy into the body.

  • Two ways where color and water can be used are:

    • Combining a color into filtered water through the sun for consumption.

    • Color light in a shower.

How Long Can Solarized Water Be Consumed?

Solarized water cannot be consumed for long as it expires, but it depends on the color.

  • Red, Yellow, and Orange: These are warm colors, so water in these colored bottles should be consumed within a week when kept in a refrigerator. But when they are placed at room temperature, these should be consumed within two days after which their effect reduces.

  • Blue, Indigo, and Violet: These are cool colors, water kept in these bottles should be consumed within a week when kept in the refrigerator, but when placed at room temperature they should be consumed within three to four days.


The vibrational energy of the color of the glass bottles absorbed by the sun-exposed water indeed resolves most health issues. Rather than using this solarized water for specific purposes after health ailments occur, one can incorporate and replace their daily regular water intake with solarized water. This way, one can prevent health issues to an extent.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Benefits of Solarized Water?

Solarized water kept in different colored bottles has additional and multiple benefits. Drinking solarized water purifies the blood, alleviates pain, helps in wound healing, cleanses the skin after removing the cosmetic products, and drinking this water half an hour before meals aid in weight loss.


How Long Does Solarized Water Last?

Water is purified by exposing it to direct sunlight. The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays kill the bacteria present in the water. This solarized water can be kept in the refrigerator and used for up to five days.


Is Sun Charged Water Good for You?

Water purified by exposing it to the sun is called solarized water or sun-charged water. It has multiple benefits, such as it helps in blood purification, enhancing blood circulation, helping treat laziness, eczema, alleviating joint pain, and aiding in weight loss.


Is Moonlight Good for PCOS?

Yes, moon-charged water helps people with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It is believed that the water captures the positive energy of the moon and gets charged. And Ayurveda also says that the 28-day cycle of the moon and the menstrual cycle are interrelated. Drinking moon-charged water on an empty stomach helps with PCOS as both moon and water have calming and soothing properties, which form an elemental balance for overcoming hormonal imbalances.


Which Color Bottle Is Good for Drinking Water?

Different colors serve different purposes. So you can choose the color that is best for you based on the color therapy hypotheses. When sunlight is coupled with blue color glass, it can act as a water purification system, whereas yellow color aids in weight loss and so on.


What Is Color Therapy, And How Does It Work?

Color therapy is a procedure in which water is solarized using various colored glass bottles. Each colored bottle reacts differently in terms of how it promotes certain water elements. When exposed to the sunlight, water kept in a colored bottle absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular color. And this sun-charged water can be used for either drinking or bathing purposes. This is called color therapy.


What Does Color Therapy Treat?

Color is the energy required by all the cells in the body to function. The energy vibration of color is used to balance physical and emotional states. This color therapy depends on the beneficial outcomes of utilizing color on the complementary chakras for therapeutic purposes to adjust the body’s recuperating powers.


How Can I Do Color Therapy at Home?

Here are a few steps you need to follow to do color therapy at home:
1) Take a bright-colored water bottle. You can choose the color suitable for your health condition based on the color therapy hypotheses.
2) Place thin cotton cloth or linen cloth on the surface of the glass bottle and load the bottle with mineral water until the neck of the bottle and fasten this using a rubber stopper.
3) Place the bottle in a brightly lit area of the home, such as kitchen window sills. The exposure length depends on factors like the sun’s strength, kind of window ledge, and the amount of sunlight received in a day.


What Color Helps With Anxiety?

Drinking green-solarized water eases stress, and drinking it when angry or anxious can help calm down the symptoms. The green color represents tranquility, calms the nerves, and is best when used during emotional stress.


Which Color Helps With Depression?

Orange is an empowering color that represents purity, virtue, and fellowship. Drinking solarized water in orange-colored bottles can help people with depression and prevent mood swings.


What Color Helps With Sleep?

Drinking solarized water in a violet-colored bottle can be calming. It promotes sleep and prevents sleep disorders.


How Does Color Affect the Brain?

Color is the energy required by the cells in our body to perform their functions. So different colors vibrate at different frequencies that complement our energy centers. The energy vibration of color balances both physical and emotional states.
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