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Hemorrhoids are a common and painful condition that affects pregnant women and obese individuals. This article describes various natural treatment options for hemorrhoids.

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Published At November 14, 2019
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Dilated and enlarged veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus are called hemorrhoids or piles.


The prevalence of hemorrhoids has been estimated at 4.4 percent of Indian adults, with the highest incidence in those between 45 and 65 years of age. It is common among pregnant women.


Low fiber diet.

Less bulky stools.

Straining to defecate.

Increase intra-anal pressure.

Decreased venous return.

Enlarged hemorrhoidal venous cushion.

What Are the Types of Hemorrhoids?

1 Internal hemorrhoids - This results in two main symptoms, which are painless bleeding and protrusion. Pain is rare as they originate above the dentate line.

2. Prolapsed hemorrhoids - Continued straining causes engorgement and bleeding veins, as well as hemorrhoidal prolapse. It is a painful condition.

3. External hemorrhoids -External hemorrhoids are under the skin around the anus and are therefore visible because of more sensitive nerve in this part of the body. They are normally more painful. Straining when passing stool may make them bleed.

What Are the Causes of Hemorrhoids?




•Heavy lifting.


What Are the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

1.Rectal bleeding.

2.Pain during bowel movements.

3.Anal itching.

4.Rectal prolapse (rectum protrudes from the anus).


What Is the Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids?

Physical examination - patients should be examined in the left lateral decubitus position. A lubricated finger should be gently inserted into the anal canal. The resting tone of the anal canal should be ascertained as well as the voluntary contraction of the puborectalis and external

anal sphincter. Masses should be noted as well as any area of tenderness.





Treatment Options:

Naturopathy management:


b)Mud therapy.

c)Massage therapy.



f)Diet therapy.

Other therapies:

a)Yogic management.

b)Acupuncture management.

c)Allopathic management.

Naturopathy Management:

Hydrotherapy (Sitz bath) -

1. For acute anal pain, cold water can be used.

2. But clinical practice guides recommend the use of hot water for its known effect to reduce the pressure. The temperature of the water should be 15 degrees Celsius. It has an analgesic effect on the rectum.

Ice Pack -

1. An ice pack placed on the rectum can reduce acute swelling of hemorrhoidal veins.

2. And also reduce the pain in the rectum.

Cold Perineal Douche -

1.Cold perineal douche for 30 minutes daily.

2. After that, cold perineal compresses for 10 minutes.

Mud Therapy -

1.Cold pack over the abdomen for 30 minutes.

2.Massage over the anal area with castor oil, clockwise, and anti-clockwise directions.

Magnetotherapy -

By applying a magnet locally over the rectum area reduces the thrombus clots and inflammation.

Chromotherapy -

Green color and yellow color charged water under the sunlight is given. Yellow color as a laxative and green color for anti-inflammatory action.

Diet Therapy -

Consume fruits, vegetables, and other food items like:








•Whole grains.




•Rice bran.

•Black beans.



Psyllium husk.

•Wheat bran.

Yogic management -




d)Kriya: Jala basti, Sukshma basti.

Acupuncture Management -

Acupuncture points UB-57, Sp-6, St-41, LI -2, and L-9.


•Eat a high fiber diet.


•Drink plenty of liquids.

•Avoid sitting for long periods.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Can Hemorrhoids Be Treated Naturally?

Hemorrhoids can be treated naturally by adopting the following methods:
- Eating fiber-rich foods.
- Including green leafy vegetables in the diet.
- Drinking plenty of fluids.
- Reducing intake of coffee and alcohol.
- Avoid straining during bowel movements.


What Are Some Home Remedies That Shrink Hemorrhoids?

Some of the home remedies for hemorrhoids include:
- Taking a warm bath with the addition of Epsom salt can soothe the irritation.
- Cold compress by applying ice packs may help to relieve the swelling.
- Applying Aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and tea tree oil can also reduce irritation.
- Avoiding tight-fitting garments and wearing loose cotton clothes may also be beneficial.


Which Herbs Help Prevent Hemorrhoids?

Some of the herbs used in the treatment of hemorrhoids include:
- Witch hazel.
- Stone root.
- Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).
- Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)


Is There a Permanent Cure for Hemorrhoids?

Most cases of hemorrhoids usually resolve on their own through diet and lifestyle changes, along with rest and avoiding strain during bowel movements. However, some patients may require medications or surgical intervention.


Which Vitamins Help to Treat Hemorrhoids?

- Vitamin C supplements help to maintain the integrity of the veins and are also considered to soften the stools.
- Topical vitamin E creams. 
- Including fiber-rich foods in the diet, such as green leafy vegetables and whole grains, can also help in the treatment of hemorrhoids.


What Prevents the Hemorrhoids From Healing?

Some of the factors which prevent hemorrhoids from healing include:
- Constipation and diarrhea.
- Sitting for long hours. 
- Straining during bowel movement.
- Large external hemorrhoids.


Which Natural Supplement Can Be Used to Treat Hemorrhoids?

- Natural supplements such as Aloe vera, Chamomile, Calendula, and Gotu kola can be used for topical application.
- Herbs such as Witch hazel, Stoneroot, Butcher’s broom, and Horse chestnut can be used for consumption.


Which Ayurvedic Medicine Removes the Hemorrhoids Faster?

Some of the ayurvedic medicines which help to shrink the hemorrhoids faster include:
- Triphala.
- Turmeric.
- Guggul.
- Mimosa pudica (touch me not plant).


Can Hemorrhoids Relapse?

Hemorrhoids may relapse due to various reasons like lifestyle modifications, underlying medical conditions, chronic constipation or diarrhea, and sitting for long hours, straining during bowel movements.


Can Hemorrhoids Lead to Cancer?

Hemorrhoids usually do not cause cancer; however, some of the symptoms may be similar such as rectal pain and bleeding, itching, and changes in bowel movement.


How Long Can Hemorrhoids Last?

There is no set duration for the cure of hemorrhoids; small hemorrhoids may get cured in a few days or weeks on their own or by medications, whereas large hemorrhoids may take several weeks to heal or require surgical intervention.


Are Hemorrhoids Caused by Stress?

Stress cannot directly cause or increase the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but stress may cause some digestive problems leading to either diarrhea or constipation, which applies pressure on the anorectal area resulting in hemorrhoids.
Dr. Aishwarya Ilavarasan
Dr. Aishwarya Ilavarasan


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